2016, Northeast Journey

06.04.16 Savannah, Georgia’s Riverfront

savannah signSaturday, June 4, 2016 – We are resting at home today!  The heat is awful and we’ve been on the go for a few days.  We’ve changed our travel plan going forward (yes AGAIN!) so reservations had to be cancelled and new ones made.  Our aim is to get out of this heat (90 degrees) and go as far north as we’ll go during the heat of the summer. We will be traveling to Maine, stopping one night every 200 to 250 miles along the way there.  We have a 5 day reservation in Connecticut before we reach Portland, Maine.

Making reservations up north is iffy at best.  Seems most parks only accept 35 foot or shorter RVs.  Dora is 39 foot. There are zero Coast to Coast parks in 3 of the states and very limited in other.  This is the first time we’ve run into this.

Passport America hasn’t been much help either,  so we’ve got a two week period after leaving Maine that we’ll be boondocking in the Adirondack Mountains in New York and upper Vermont mountains.

We’ve joined Boondockers Welcome using a 50 percent discount we got for being an RVillage Gold level member BDWNewLogoTagso it was only $12.50 for the year!  In Boondockers Welcome other RVers who have a place we can park for a day or so offer it on the website . If we want to stay we work it out through email.  A lot of the hosts have electrical hookups available which is the big plus!

Yesterday, Friday, we drove into Savannah to see the part of Savannah along the Riverfront.   Drove in over the Savannah River bridge, the Talmade Memorial Bridge.

20160603_143121 (Large) 20160603_143132 (Large) 20160603_143137 (Large)

After finding a parking spot we walked towards the riverfront.20160603_154225 (Large) 20160603_154846 (Large) 20160603_154947 (Large) 20160603_155002 (Large) 20160603_155055 (Large)

River Street runs along the river, and is made of cobblestones.  There use to be a streetcar that went up and down the street and we were looking forward to riding it.  We learned that it was no longer working.  20160603_155121 (Large) 20160603_155318 (Large) 20160603_155412 (Large)

This is a beautiful memorial to all of the soldiers from this county (Chatham) who served in World War II.

20160603_155538 (Large) 20160603_155638 (Large) 20160603_155716 (Large) 20160603_155742 (Large) 20160603_155806 (Large)

After checking things out a bit we boarded the Savannah Belle Ferry, a free boat ride up and down the Savannah River.

20160603_160204 (Large) 20160603_160255 (Large)

20160603_162512 (Large) 20160603_160523 (Large) 20160603_160746 (Large) 20160603_161203 (Large) 20160603_161634 (Large) 20160603_161800 (Large) 20160603_161828 (Large)

In a life where we had unlimited funds Roy wants to own this yacht!!20160603_161917 (Large) 20160603_162022 (Large) 20160603_162031 (Large)

The Savannah Belle Ferry’s deckhand Kevin.20160603_162306 (Large)

After a fun ferry ride we walked all along River Street visiting the shops, eateries, and candy shops.  One of the candy shops gave us samples of their cinnamon pecans and their still warm pralines.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Savannah Blues, Jazz and BBQ Festival was going on and we enjoyed the music and the smells of BBQ cooking.  Several vendors were set up along the festival site.

20160603_162457 (Large) 20160603_163021 (Large) 20160603_163656 (Large) 20160603_163834 (Large)

A local music radio station had a booth where you could spin the wheel and win something.  Roy won a $5 Wendy’s gift card and I won a photo with the radio station girl!20160603_164114 (Large) 20160603_164453 (Large)

Some of the shops along River Street20160603_164726 (Large) 20160603_165020 (Large)A nice couple offered to take our photo together in front of the River Street Inn20160603_165259 (Large) 20160603_165304 (Large)Roy said the sign on top is us!!

20160603_172447 (Large)

20160603_172616 (Large)

These really old steps are the only way back to the rest of Savannah.  I’m proud we made it! 20160603_172822 (Large)

20160603_172736 (Large)

We’ll be back in Savannah on Monday to explore some of the historic town squares (there are many) and eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant where we have reservations at 3 pm. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are headed to Tybee Island in the afternoon to play on the beaches there!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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