2016, Northeast Journey

06.05.16 The beach at Tybee Island, Georgia

tybee island welcomeSunday, June 5, 2016  – About 30 miles from our RV park is Tybee Island, Georgia.  Very much a beach community and very different from Hilton Head Island.  Tybee Island has a population of 3,000.

The three mile long beach had many folks on it today.  Children playing, Roy sitting and watching and me playing!! Playing in the ocean was fun and I collected some seashells for my collection.

This is the first time we’ve had to pay to park at a beach.  It was $2 tybee-island-mapan hour and automatically charged us for two hours.

20160605_162253 (Large)The walk to the beach was again a blue walkway.  I did get Roy off the walkway this time and onto the sand.  Moaning and groaning he settled himself on one of the swings (picture below) and watched me play!

Swing_lighthouseSome photos of Tybee Island beach.  First photo is of some of the beautiful homes that face the ocean.

20160605_170139 (Large) 20160605_170040 (Large) 20160605_164027 (Large) 20160605_163940 (Large) 20160605_163826 (Large) 20160605_163754 (Large) 20160605_163744 (Large)
A wedding on the beach!20160605_163448 (Large) 20160605_163402 (Large) 20160605_163358 (Large) 20160605_162717 (Large) 20160605_162600 (Large) 20160605_162414 (Large) 20160605_172936 (Large)I’ve never seen one of these Hurricane Storm Surge Elevation signs before, even in Louisiana. 20160605_173449 (Large)2389672ed5f8fff89c94475e72a54f99

Before the rains came we enjoyed a bite to eat at the North Beach Bar and Grill.  Really neat place!

20160605_172802 (Large) 20160605_172808 (Large) There is a lighthouse on this island that we would have toured had it not started to rain.  Here’s a photo I got off the internet of the Historic Tybee Island Light Station.


Tomorrow the rain will continue so we will head back to Savannah Tuesday to see more of this amazing city and to eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant there. Really looking forward to that.

On our way home from the beach yesterday we saw some crazy cute shops.  We stopped and I’ll write about that adventure next!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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2 thoughts on “06.05.16 The beach at Tybee Island, Georgia”

  1. The Breakfast Club is my favorite place to eat at tybee island. Fannies on the beach has a great flounder sandwich. The Rivers End RV park is over by the lighthouse. We plan to spend a few days there this summer. My old home town.


    1. I’m glad to hear that ya’ll are going to be spending some time in your home town! That’s always wonderful. We saw Rivers End RV Park when we passed by on our way to the beach. The North Beach Bar and Grill was right where we came off the beach so we stopped there. We’re eating at Paula Dean’s tomorrow! Ya’ll take care! Rosalyn


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