2016, Northeast Journey, South Carolina

06.03.16 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

hilton headFriday, June 3, 2016 – So I’ve been thinking of words to describe Hilton Head Island, SC.   It is a tropical paradise.  A mix of Hawaii (what I think Hawaii is like!!) with its tropical flowers, landscaping beauty and beaches, Disney world with the layout and amazing condominiums, beach houses and hotels, and Old South charm.  As you drive around you don’t SEE all the the numerous big businesses, because they landscaped it with just a sign for the business (a very nice sign) by the street and a row of bushes, plants, trees blocking the sight of the business.  Roy didn’t like that part, he wanted to see the businesses.  I liked it.

Hilton Head has a population of approximately 40,000 which doesn’t include the thousands of tourist that visit there.  We drove around through the island for a while and landed at Sea Point Resort where we paid $6 to gain entrance to that area.  Inside that area are amazing homes and rentals.  There are so many palms and other trees that there is shade everywhere.  People were walking, jogging, and bicycling all over the place.

20160602_175311 (Large)20160602_175359 (Large)

Vacation Homes in Hilton Head Island SC - The Vacation Company_full

Disney’s Hilton Head Island ResortHilton-Head-Island-Resort3

20160602_165215 (Large) 20160602_165151 (Large)

We found a parking space (very hard to find one) and walked around a bit till we got to the lighthouse in Harbour Town.


It is a great old lighthouse with 130 plus stairs inside to the top.  Lining the walls on the way up the stairs were lots of photos, signs of how high you are, information about the lighthouse and surrounding area.


20160602_164918 (Large)

20160602_165616 (Large)

20160602_170336 (Large)20160602_170254 (Large)

20160602_170513 (Large)

20160602_170656 (Large)

When we reached the top there is a beautiful view as we walked around the lighthouse exterior.

20160602_171806 (Large)20160602_171749 (Large) 20160602_171042 (Large) 20160602_171035 (Large) 20160602_171031 (Large)Walking down the stairs was much easier than going up!  We wandered all around the area seeing lots of the beauty of this island.   20160602_165450 (Large) 20160602_165433 (Large) 20160602_165419 (Large) 20160602_165358 (Large) 20160602_164933 (Large) 20160602_173012 (Large) 20160602_173142 (Large) 20160602_173515 (Large) 20160602_173626 (Large) 20160602_173736 (Large) 20160602_173904 (Large) 20160602_173910 (Large) 20160602_181146 (Large) 20160602_181354 (Large) 20160602_181440 (Large) 20160602_181445 (Large)

These pictures are from our walk to and at the beach.  Beautiful, beautiful!  Plenty of benches, swings for us old folks, shower rooms for those with sandy parts and a really neat blue non sandy walkway to the Ocean!20160602_181542 (Large) 20160602_181614 (Large) 20160602_181704 (Large) 20160602_181759 (Large) 20160602_181904 (Large) 20160602_181930 (Large) 20160602_181934 (Large) 20160602_181956 (Large) 20160602_182022 (Large) 20160602_182144 (Large) 20160602_182428 (Large) 20160602_182458 (Large) 20160602_183245 (Large)So that wraps up our adventure to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  Traveling around here we’ve gone back and forth between South Carolina and Georgia, which is kinda cool!  Next we’re going into the city of Savannah to explore some of the downtown during the Savannah Blues, Jazz and BBQ festival and take a ride on the Savannah Belle Ferry up and down the Savannah River. We’ll go this weekend to Tybee Island to enjoy more of the beaches, this time we’ll wear our swimsuits and play a bit!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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3 thoughts on “06.03.16 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina”

  1. When I was a kid, we use to go to Hilton head to camp on the beach. There was nothing there but tomatoe fields, poor people and beautiful beaches. Boy has it changed!


    1. Wow, has it changed! It is so upperclass now it’s crazy. It is such a paradise like place! We went to Savannah on the river front yesterday. Going to Tybee beach tomorrow and back to Savannah to tour more on Monday and hopefully eat at Paula Deans restaurant!
      Tell Peggy hi!


    2. Randy, We had lobster rolls yesterday in Mystic, Connecticut on the seashore! Amazing and a seagull kept us company while we ate!!! Thanks so much for recommending it! We’ve found a place in Kenneybunkport that catches their own lobsters and cooks them on the dock. We’d prefer to not spend the gas money going further up into Maine. It’s 28 for two lobsters. Does that sound okay? We paid $18 for each lobster roll which we thought was a lot but it’s a once in a life time thing! Thanks for all your recommendations, they have really helped.
      Rosalyn and Roy


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