Preparing to RV Fulltime

10.14.13 Fleetwood Factory and Service in Decatur, Indiana

521539_403488166393197_604151436_nWe left Grand View Bend Resort this morning and guess who drove Dora from our parking space to the end of the road where the resort ends – me!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first time in the drivers seat and while I didn’t have to do anything fancy it was my first step towards learning how to drive this big girl!

We traveled south to Decatur, Indiana where the Fleetwood Factory and service facility is located.   We’re signed in and parked in spot #34 waiting for our number to be called.  We need to have the service department check out a few things including having our a/c checked. Not the living area a/c but the part that cools us while we’re driving in the front.  We’re hoping our extended warranty covers this!  We’re going to the 9 am tour of the plant in the morning and then on to Berne Indiana to see a Swiss cheese plant, a woodworking plant and more Amish folks.  Don’t know how long we’ll be here yet so we may be able to see even more.

We’ve been on the road for two weeks and traveled over 800 miles since leaving Lake Kabetogama.  We have over 900 miles still to travel until we reach Hammond, Louisiana  which is our home where we started from. We’ve both been a little homesick, especially missing our granddaughter Madisyn who just moved back to Louisiana with her mama.   We’re enjoying seeing this part of our country but are really looking forward to seeing familiar things again soon!

The act of sale for our Brenda Drive rental house is scheduled for tomorrow.  It will be nice to have that behind us and have those loans cancelled.   We’ll get to meet the folks who are renting our house on Wardline Road when we get back to Louisiana.  There is still a lot of country to see before we get there and I hope ya’ll stay along for the ride.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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