From Minnesota to Louisiana

10.12.13 Amish folks, clocks and signs

Roy  and I went into the nearby city of Shipshawana yesterday in hopes of seeing some Amish.  Knowing that they do not like to be photographed I had to sneak photographs when I could.  Roy found a barber and got his hair cut while we were there but the barber wasn’t Amish.  I got several pictures of Amish on their bikes or in their horse drawn carriages.  One of the shops we went into was huge and had a beautiful collection of clocks that just fascinated me.  Some of the pictures below are of the clocks from that shop.  The signs and scripture pictures are from a different shop.  I could have spent a lot more time there but did get to snap pictures of some of the signs I liked best. There are hitching posts at most every store for the Amish to hitch their horses to.  Even Wal-Mart had one. We went into Michigan to a Wal-Mart and saw an Amish mom and daughter at the pharmacy and then saw them when they went out to their carriage that was hitched up. I’ve been told that the strict Amish have orange or yellow buggies and the not so strict have black or brown buggies.  All we saw were black ones which must be why its okay for them to go to Wal-Mart.

We planned to go back to Shipshawana and other Amish towns today but we are really tired and the opportunity to not go somewhere is too tempting.  I’m sitting outside under a big shade tree enjoying the view and the cool breeze while I write this.  Roy heard the clippity clop of the Amish horses going down the road in front of the resort earlier. We’ve gotten the okay to stay here until Monday so we will be able to go to  local church Sunday and watch the Saint game in the afternoon before heading out Monday to the Fleetwood plant in Decatur, Indiana for their tour and possibly some maintenance on Dora.  Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend.  Geaux  Lions, Tigers and Saints!!!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

2013-10-11_15-04-51_632 2013-10-11_15-06-45_922 2013-10-11_16-41-07_392 IMG_20131011_151320_582 IMG_20131011_151338_196 IMG_20131011_151351_169 IMG_20131011_151645_171 IMG_20131011_151719_733 IMG_20131011_151725_334 IMG_20131011_151735_915 IMG_20131011_151742_042    IMG_20131011_152941_968 IMG_20131011_153011_480 IMG_20131011_153204_285 IMG_20131011_153441_003 IMG_20131011_153458_870 IMG_20131011_153519_334  IMG_20131011_160350_002 IMG_20131011_160450_222 IMG_20131011_160556_738  IMG_20131011_160722_363 IMG_20131011_160901_984 IMG_20131011_160910_015

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