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10.15.13 Fantabulous tour at Fleetwood!

We went to the two and one-half hour Fleetwood Motorhome Factory Tour here in Decatur, Indiana this morning. The tour is conducted Monday – Friday at 9 am and it is freeeeee!!! There are five Fleetwood factories in Decatur. The factory we toured, shown below, is on 95 acres, 1.2 million square feet with a paint shop that’s almost 1,000 feet long. On average, this factory produces 18 units per day. They do not build any RVs that are not pre-sold.


This tour was far superior to the Winnebago tour we took last week.  The tour guide, Tom, had been with Fleetwood for over 20 years and knew just everything.  We all wore safety glasses and headphones so we could hear Tom no matter what the sound level was in the factory. He took us down on the factory floor for the whole tour.  We got to touch and see up close every aspect of the build. We learned that it generally takes 4 weeks for a class A RV like ours to go from start to finish.  They are not making any more the Excursion at the length ours is.  They’ve reduced it to around 33 feet.

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Fleetwood also makes American Coach RVs which is a higher level and cost between $400,000 to $650,000 for the 2014 models.   A little bit out of our price range but it was fascinating to see those up close.  The tour was an all walking tour and when we got back to Dora I was so tired I took a long, long nap.  Again we were not allowed to take pictures so I found some on the internet that others sneeked of this tour so you see some of what we saw.

Not only did we take this fantastic, informative tour today but the act of sale on our Brenda Drive rental house was held today!!!!!!!!!   Very happy to have this completed and we thank everyone who helped make this happen.  We are blessed with friends and family who pitched in to help get the house cleaned up and ready to put on the market.  Big, big thanks to our phenomenal real estate agent Jamie Johnson for making this happen so fast and go so smoothly.

We’re hoping for  6 am wake up call telling us to bring Dora in for servicing. Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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