12.22.22 No one had room

Kelli Bachara’s writing has touched my heart. While I’d like to share everything she writes with ya’ll I choose one every now and then to share. At the bottom is a link to her Facebook page where you can click “Follow” and each time she writes something new you will see it on your Facebook page. She writes so clearly and simply and says things I feel in a way I cannot express. Enjoy and Be Blessed!

No one had room.

No one made room.

They saw a pregnant teenage girl and a desperate husband, and said, “sorry, we’re full”.

But finally, someone gave what they had.

It wasn’t great. It wasn’t ideal. But it was something.

It was a manger they had on their land. It wasn’t made for guests and certainly wasn’t known as a birthing spot for women.

But they gave what they had.

And God used it for the most important moment in history.

What they offered has become part of the Christmas story that has been shared for over 2000 years.

It’s the place that Christ literally first dwelled in human form.

We don’t always have a lot to give to others. We might feel like we don’t have much space, much time, much resources.

Those Inn owners remind us that we can give what we have, and God will use it.

We can give compassion.

We can share our space.

We can open our hearts

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to be much.

But we could miss out on something incredible by not making room, if we are called to.

When God nudges you to make room or help someone, do it.

You never know what amazing plan you might just be a part of and chosen for.

I’m sure the Inn keepers didn’t.

~Kelli Bachara

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