12.26.22 Through the fall in the garden, He knew

I planned to share this before Christmas but life got in the way! Life didn’t get in the way of God sending his son down to earth in human form. This applies to all of life, not just Christmas, so here it is!

Through the fall in the garden, He knew.

Through the flood, He knew.

Through the sacrifices, the rituals, the laws, He knew.

Through the sin, the wreckage, through the war and the famines, He knew.

Through the judges, through the prophets, through the Kings, He knew.

Through the lion’s den, the giant named Goliath, the whale’s belly, He knew.

God knew.

He has always known what would happen to humanity.

And.. He’s always known about Christmas.

Before Genesis 1:1, before things got “really bad”.

He’d already made up His mind that He’d put on flesh because it was the only way His children could be saved.

Christmas, Christ, has always been the plan.

This holiday we celebrate, it’s not just about a baby lying in a manger.

It’s about His rescue plan, for you and me.

The greatest plan of all time.

The plan God made before time.

Because He knew..

He knew our brokenness, so He made Himself breakable, He made Himself human.

I hope this season you feel the remarkable love that He has for you.

I hope you’ll marvel at the truth of an all-knowing God who created a plan for eternity before it even begins.

With you in mind.

I’m thankful for the God who knew what we’d need,

And still fully and completely knows now.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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