09.13.21 Pumpkin Center Hurricane Ida damage

I can in no way describe what my friends and loved ones have experienced in Pumpkin Center (an area of Hammond Louisiana) since August 29th when Hurricane Ida came through. I can just share some photos and information from DEMCO the power company and some photos I took on my way home Sunday from church which is in Pumpkin Center and some I got off Facebook.


This was what one local weatherman posted before the hurricane hit. NORTH SHORE IS NEXT – Devastating winds continue in New Orleans and the River Parishes, water is rising fast from rainfall. The good news is the 110+ wind gusts will come down by about midnight. North Shore, get ready for the longest night of your life, winds 80-110 mph will be crossing the lake shortly. The storm is just crawling north.

First are the DEMCO reports and photos/videos.

09.12.21 DEMCO – The circuit that provides service to Pumpkin Center received catastrophic damage from #HurricaneIda. To the north side of I-12 and on each side of the interstate is a span of broken 55 ft. poles. Nearly every structure requires repair or replacement for the remainder of the 4-mile trek to Pumpkin Center.

09.13.21 Early this morning, in a coordinated effort with DOTD and local authorities, a brief interstate closure provided access for crews to repair a regulator platform line crossing I-12. These repairs clear the way for crews to build and repair a four-mile span of infrastructure all the way to Pumpkin Center.

This drone footage shows crews working to repair a regulator platform line crossing I-12.

Note from Rosalyn: You may have to click on the link below to see the drone video.


Now a few pics I took driving down General Ott Road And Hinson Road yesterday 2 weeks after the storm. A lot of cleanup had been done already.

Blue tarps one one street in one area
Electric pole in front of our church
Damaged car on Hinson Road
This was at our home in Pumpkin Center where we raised our boys. This was a reee.that leaned our over our pond. The boys and their friends swing from a rope attached to that tree to jump on the pond. There were steps nailed to that tree that they also climbed to sit up there to study, read and just think. Chip was very sad to see that tree ruined.
On General Ott Road
Also on General Ott Road
The house in the background was where we lived for 30 years. The pine tree in the foreground isn’t nearly as huge as it was with all the limbs and branches. Chad and Chip use to aim the baseballs they hit over the tree. That practice sure paid off in games! This was a tree I never thought would come down.

Other photos I got from friends Facebook pages are below.

This is Raymond’s home with trees that went thro share a bunch of photos his company removed from other people’s homes.

These next pics are from our friwnd Raymond Galatas owner of Raymond’s Dozer Service. We call him Big Raymond and he did dozer work for Roy and I. He’s removed countless trees from homes hit by Hurricane Ida. Here are some of the pictures he shared on Facebook. Thanks Raymond for all your hard work helping these people!

I don’t know if all of these pics are from Pumpkin Center but I think they are. I am wrapping up this very long post. Next I plan to write about our church cooking to feed those in need last week. Later ya’ll! Rosalyn

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