09.13.21 Catching up on Ida related events

I have a lot of catching up on Hurricane Ida related events for my followers all around the country who haven’t been here to see it.

I still have no internet to write easily on my laptop. I am learning to create posts on my phone which takes a long time and a lot of thinking (not my strong point!) I also have no television to keep me otherwise occupied.

I am going to spend my time writing posts about what I’ve seen and what others have experienced. Plus about our time evacuating in Arkansas.

Stay tuned as I crank them out a little at a time!

Just a quick update on me. The a/c in my Hammond house stopped running Friday after we came home last week. It was 81 in the house when I realized it wasn’t running. a My landlord has been great. He brought me a window unit that is working great cooling my living room kitchen. That with two fans in the bedroom have kept me cool enough to sleep comfortably at night. He got someone out that day to check the not working ac. They changed some parts and it ran for a while then stopped for good. They are suppose to return today to hopefully get it working for good.

At the house in Amite along with srveral pine trees down it was discovered yesterday that the outside “wet” television under the patio is broken with cracks all over the screen and it does not work. Both of the big fans under the patio are no longer working.

Just FYI a wet TV is one that can get rained all over and still operate. Its been rained on pretty hard many times but the hurricane debris and wind was too much for it.

For some reason the cracks in the screen don’t show up for a few seconds and then there they are.

Later guys! Rosalyn

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