08.22.21 August 15 to 21, 2021 – Church, mystery bag, Fabuloso neighbor Matt pressure washing, DMV, endocrinologist, cardiologist, upcoming tests, wall canvases hung, teeth fell out, Buddy’s tummy hurts, move moving in, more DMV with my sons and the little bitty one!


Sunday I went to church in person. Sunday School online but Worship Service in person. I was surprised at how many people were there with Covid affecting so many in this area right now. I really enjoyed being there in person and it only took me 15 minutes to get there instead of the 45 minute drive from Amite!!!

The link to our Worship Service this week is below. Scroll to minute 3 to get to the start of the announcements. Ms. Rosalyn (me) tried to share the FB broadcast on my phone. Even though I muted my phone volume before church the broadcast started shouting out loud from my phone and Bro. Avery comments about it. He was very kind about it! I was just trying to share!!

When the church members were receiving our deacon nomination forms feel free to scroll until after that. This only happens once a year and it was this Sunday. Scroll to minute 17 to bypass that empty space!

Before the forms are passed out our pastor reads from the Bible what God’s Word says about the qualifications for a Deacon. If you’d like to understand the Deacon’s role in our Southern Baptist church, it is found in the Bible in 1 Timothy 3:8–13.

Not gonna say what is in this, but a couple of people at church know and will smile when they see this!

After church I got one more kitchen box unpacked and can say that the kitchen cabinets and drawers are totally FULL and now have two more boxes of “things” to find a place for. I may not need all those “things” but having had them for a while I have to think hard to see if some are worthy of discarding!

My landlord Trent brought his pressure washer here and my Fabuloso new neighbor Matt Fairley pressure washed both of our houses! He is so kind and worked really hard to get my house the carport and the driveway looking great!

Several of the empty boxes on the carport were picked up by my new renter. The rest of the boxes were broken down and put out for trash pick up. In the country, we only had one trash pick-up a week. Here in the city, we have two. I’m giddy with delight!

Since I park my car off to the side I can use my carport as a place to set up my outside chairs and tables from the front porch in Amite. If you pass by and see me there, stop and sit a spell!

Wednesday was a day of errands and doctors. First stop was at the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel Dora’s registration since she, very sadly to me, no longer exists. Since she was in Roy and my name I brought his death certificate, the letter from the insurance company declaring her a complete loss and that was sufficient to take care of it.  On Thursday morning I was asked by the insurance company if I had put the title in my name alone. Well no I forgot to do that. If I don’t have it put in my name I have to come up with all sorts of difficult documentation so I’ll be returning to the DMV to hopefully be able to take care of that if it is not too late. When I went back to the DMV they said I have to have an heirship form signed by myself and my two sons and notarized. Not an easy task with me in Hammond, Chad in Baton Rouge and Chip in Amite. But we are all gathering there Saturday to get it done!  Before Noon no less!

This part about the doctors’ visits is invaluable information for me to be able to refer back to at a later date so if it’s too much detail feel free to skip it, it’s needed for me. All the doctor part is in italics. After the DMV  I saw my endocrinologist, Dr. Majors, and a cardiologist, Dr. Khoueiry. 

Dr. Corey Majors is such a cool young doctor and I really looked forward to seeing him today since I knew my numbers were better! Dr. Majors was very happy with the progress I’ve made in lowering my blood glucose numbers. My Dexcom G6 gives him lots of data about how I’ve done over time. He showed me that the two weeks prior to my visit a month ago my average glucose was 269. The two weeks prior to this visit the average was 149. Wow! Of course, the change in medicines was the major factor but my learning to control the portion size of my eating was my part in this project! He increased the Trulicity dosage to 1.5 and lowered the Humalog insulin mealtime dosage to 15 since I’ve had a few too-low blood sugar readings and that’s not good either. I don’t go back for two months now and hopefully, by that time my A1C will be in a much more normal range.

Then I went over to the Heart Center of Hammond to see Dr. Khoueiry, the cardiologist. He was Roy’s cardiologist and I really liked the care and concern he showed Roy. We talked a bit about Roy’s death from cardiomyopathy. It was nice to be able to talk to him about it and being Roy’s doctor he understood it all. On to my concerns. I’ve been having some chest pressure/pain recently and for a long time I’ve had a fluttering feeling like my heart beats oddly for a few seconds.  I really want a thorough heart checkup and when I shared with Dr. Khoueiry my concerns he did an EKG and checked me out. He said I have some slow something in my legs and some other things I don’t remember. He felt doing some tests were in order. I have scheduled on September 8th a Nuclear Lexiscan which I think is a Nuclear Stress Test and an Echocardiogram with Color. And on September 15th a 7 day holter monitor and Arterial duplex LWR Bilateral. I go back to him on September 29th for all the results. If the holter monitor is available to start on the 8th I can see him sooner for the results.

Thursday I actually rested all morning for the first time since moving. Buddy got to play in the yard a good while with me throwing him a ball (his obsession that’s been withheld for a while.) After that and a good bath he’s been resting with me. I love that little guy so much!

Chip came over in the afternoon to connect my television’s soundbar make my Alexa’s work, hang my Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, and family canvases. I haven’t had television sound in a week nor my Alexas that I enjoy music on so much so that alone makes me much happier. Having the canvases made from photos Roy and I took on our travels makes this very much feel like home now! Chip also at some point this week put my new sofa together. It ties in well with the other furniture but I do miss my recliner a little bit. May need to get a footstool to rest my tired old legs on now!

I treated him to his mama’s famous Chicken Geraldine which is his favorite. He took a plate full home with him at least we thought he did. After he left I went to Walmart to pick up a grocery order. When I was leaving a customer flagged me down and told me I had a plate of food on my roof. It was Chip’s plate. How it didn’t fly off while I drove there I don’t know!

I’ve finally unpacked my rock room goodies enough to spend some time in there again!. My big metal cow needed a sand down and paint job before finding him a new in my yard. I’ve also begun working on rocks to hide around the Hammond area!

Thursday evening my four front tooth crowns came off while eating popcorn. I’ll have to stay snaggled toothed until Tuesday since my dentist wasn’t in the office Friday. Didn’t know that until calling them a few times and leaving messages and even driving there to Independence to find no one there. I went on to Amite and two other dentist offices that I stopped at had no openings.  Good thing I’m wearing a mask again in public or people would be giggling all over the place!

My poor Buddy is having tummy issues. Hasn’t eaten his dog food in two days but he ate grass this morning. I took him to the vet in Amite Friday where his ongoing lung issues were checked and he had a new antibiotic shot. He’s still on cough medicine for that and will be for a while. For his tummy issue, he got a nausea and steriod shot, and medicines with the warning that his rear end “stuff” may explode in the next 24 hours. Something wonderful to look forward to. I am baking him chicken right now and he can’t have dog food for a few days! In the photo below he’s patiently waiting for dinner to be cooked and ready to eat!

Once the television and sound worked the television remote seemed to not work without a lot of hand movements putting it in different places and the cable receiver box kept turning off. Spectrum walked me through the solutions to the remote and receiver problems so that is resolved. One step at a time in this process of getting resettled.

There have been dozens of things that have taken time to resolve since the move. The packing and moving were difficult, stressful and exhausting. Getting settled has also been difficult, stressful and exhausting, just with no deadline and in different ways. I look forward to the time that everything is put where it actually belongs and there isn’t always something to take care of.

On Saturday Chad and Chip came to Hammond to go to me to the DMV to sign the Heirship form and have it notarized giving me authority to transfer the motorhome (Dora’s) title to my name alone.  This is a requirement of the insurance company that covered the loss of Dora. Two hours after arriving at the DMV we were waited on. Their signing and notarizing of the form went well. Then I find out that when we were South Dakota residents Dora’s title was liened there by the mortgage company. When we registered her in Louisiana a couple of years ago the title/lien was not transferred back to Louisiana. Don’t know why but we have to now wait until the payment from the insurance company is applied to pay off the loan so the lien is released and the title is clear and can be put in my name alone. Then wait to receive it here before the final steps in Dora’s burial process is over. I don’t necessarily understand why some parts of this are necessary but it’s what they say so it’s what I’m doing. At least the part involving Chad and Chip was handled completely and they were free to go back home. I did enjoy having the two hours to visit and get caught up on things. My precious youngest granddaughter came with Chad. She and Grannie had lots of good visiting and cuddling time so of course, my Grannie heart was VERY happy!

Buddy and I are now home resting and I’m trying to catch up on writing and other house move and phone change checklist items. Will it ever end! Buddy feels much better today since the medicine kicked in and helped him clear out the yuck inside him!

I’ll be wearing a mask at church tomorrow since my crowns are still out so I am kinda thankful for the mask need right now so no one has to see the tiny nubs that normally live underneath the crowns. Tuesday cannot come soon enough!


What Bible book mentions a baseball pitcher?

A – Ezekiel 36:12 “Yea, I will cause them to walk.”



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