08.22.21 THE HEALING POWER OF JESUS sermon at Trinity Baptist Church

In my weekly blog about my life, I always start off with what our Worship Service was about and sometimes share the video from the service. I am going to continue doing that but it will now be in a separate post each week. Like this one.

My pastor’s preaching is so strong, crystal clear, true and Biblical that I believe it has changed many lives at our church. If you listen, follow along in the Bible and allow God to speak to your heart you can learn what all true Christians have understood when we have given our life to Christ.

Today’s sermon was titled “The Healing Power of Jesus” https://www.facebook.com/trinitychurchla/videos/361297538937489

The following Recap of the sermon will be included each week when available. It will help you follow and read the scriptures in your Bible as Bro. Avery reads them. If you don’t have a Bible please let me know and I will send you one! Yes, having a Bible to read and learn from is that important!

Luke 7:1-10 • nobody deserves for God to listen • God has compassion on people • the centurion believed in the authority of Jesus • Jesus marveled at him for his faith • Jesus spoke life into the man’s life

Mark 9:22-25 – healing a boy with an evil spirit • verse 23: “If you can”! – we often question God’s capabilities

Luke 5:19-25

Matthew 14:14

Luke 17:13-14 – people healed from leprosy

Luke 18:42-43 – man healed of his blindness

Luke 11:11-17

Ephesians 3:20

James 5:16 – the power of righteous prayer • do not command God what He will do for you; beg Him instead

Isaiah 6:3

Isaiah 6:5-7 • the altar is a place of sacrifice; it is meant for us to pray at

Hebrews 4:16 – we have Christ as our high priest

Luke 11:8-10 • a humble heart in prayer with belief causes justified expectation

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