06.09.21 Smoke on the Mountain, The play I hope everyone goes to see!

This post has been ready to publish since Monday. However, our motorhome, Dora, burned down Monday in California and has consumed all of my attention and energy. I will be writing about that soon and ask for prayers for my heart that has lost Roy and our dear Dora, both all too soon.

The most amazing young man I know, Jonah Kyle Traylor, just got more amazing!

I am proud of him every Sunday when he leads some of our song singing, whenever he preaches, and for all he’s done growing our youth group and his part in us having a great College and Career group at Trinity. He also has more energy than anyone I know!

I took several pictures that you’ll see as you read along!

When I saw his performance in Smoke on the Mountain, a play at the Swamplight Theater in Ponchatoula I can’t begin to tell you how high his amazingness shot up to! I loved him in the play so much I may splurge and go back to see it again this weekend! Yes, it’s that great!

I think a great actor is someone who can play a part that is so very not them and be convincing. Jonah Kyle, as Pastor Oglethorpe in ‘Smoke on the Mountain” was the most hysterically convincing old-time Baptist preacher. All of the actors were superb. A lot of it was singing old hymns which they did beautifully. The only little one in the play was young “June Bug” and she was adorable.

Smoke on the Mountain tells the story of a Saturday Night Gospel Sing at a country church in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains in 1938. The show features two dozen rousing bluegrass songs played and sung by the Sanders Family, a traveling group making its return to performing after a five-year hiatus.

There are more performances next weekend and then NONE, so go and your heart will thank you for it.

Here’s a link to the theater’s web page where you can reserve tickets. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/smoke-on-the-mountain-tickets-154873116661?aff=erelexpmlt

I have not laughed that much in years. Imagine two straight hours of laughter and happiness. That’s good for the soul and my heart and soul came out of there shining so brightly.  I smiled so much my cheeks hurt!

They even fed us Mississippi Mud Pie, which is talked about in the play, for free during the intermission.

There are several hymns that the audience gets to stand and sing with the actors. The words were in the program but Chip and I both found we didn’t need that help, we knew these songs so well! I especially loved that part. Really made us feel like we were in church with them as part of the play’s story.

I wrote about Jonah Kyle’s preacher ordination not too long ago so you know him from that. I’ve known him since he was born and taught him in my 3rd and 4th Sunday School class so I’ve been knowing and loving him a long time! His parents and brother are some of the strongest Christians I know so only a little bitty part of him do I get to take credit for! The rest is his family and mostly God!

Chip’s comment about the play was “If you love church and Jesus you need to be there.”  I really hope ya’ll will go see it!

Our church’s secretary Sandy Berthelot had a part in the play as well and was perfect! The 1930’s clothing they all wore looked precious on her!

That’s the end of my gushing over Jonah Kyle. I love you, young man! I’m so glad you remember that I taught you the Books of the Bible! Love your whole family too!

We ate at Charlie’s between church and the play and it was all delicious!

This information is from their website:

Swamplight offers a live intimate theatre experience. Depending on the production and configuration of the stage, maximum capacity is approximately 80 – 100 patrons. As a result, we encourage purchasing your tickets in advance in order to reserve your spot. Swamplight offers a safe online option to purchase advance tickets through Eventbrite. You may still purchase “walk-up” tickets at the theatre the night of the performance, if space is available. But why risk it?

Swamplight Theatre is home to The Kay Butler Performing Arts Project, a not-for-profit, performing arts organization inspired by the works of Kay Butler, and carried on by those who learned from her teachings and inspirational belief we all have something beautiful worth sharing. Swamplight is a labor of love – love for the arts, love for community and love for life. Housed in the old Southern Exposure Photography studio next to Acadian Hardwood and Cypress, Swamplight is an intimate theatre experience producing live theatre and offering workshops camps and artistic opportunities for all ages.

This video has nothing to do with the play but it was on the theater’s website and I thought it was really cute so I am sharing it here.  The young man that kids are hanging on was in “Smoke on the Mountain” and was exceptional!



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