Jonah Kyle Traylor graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with his Bachelor of Science degree, Cum Laude in Industrial Technology, Drafting and Design in May of this year. On Saturday, October 9th, 2021 his family gave him a combination Graduation Party and 23rd Birthday Celebration which I was honored to attend.

I am, as I always say, the lady that taught Jonah Kyle the Books of the Bible and now he is our Youth Minister, so there’s that…..! He introduced me to someone like that a couple of years ago

It was a wonderfully beautiful day and I do believe a great time was had by all! So many people love this young man and were there to honor his graduation achievement and wish him a Happy 23rd Birthday!

Tables were set up outside at our church and everyone visited with Jonah Kyle and each other and got to stroll along the tables viewing his many achievements that were on display.

Here’s photos, taken by Katrina Taylor, of the plays he starred in including the one I wrote about a while back Smoke on the Mountain.

The food was delicious especially the graduation/birthday cake made by his loving grandmother Brenda Jenkins seen in the photos below with Jonah Kyle.

The food tables with happy people in line!

After we ate, there were speeches including lots of wonderful stories told by Mark Traylor, Sr., Pastor Avery Dixon, Brock Daniels, Courtney Jones and Mark Everett Traylor and Jonah Kyle Traylor. A lot of laughs and some tears were shed while these speeches were being given.

The evening was closed out by some songs sung by Jonah Kyle, accompanied by his Gifted music program teacher when from back in school. The sun went down while he sang!

Thanks for inviting me Traylor family. I love our boy and loved this special evening!

Following are some of the photos Katrina Taylor took of the crowd enjoying Jonah Kyle’s Graduation/ 23rd Birthday Party! It was hard choosing which of the over 200 to include. That kid is loved so much and everyone wanted an opportunity to have their photo taken with him, especially me!

Mark and Sonya Traylor, Jonah Kyle’s parents

Congratulations Jonah Kyle! And Happy 23rd Birthday!

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