02.03.21 The Rocks and The Pond, Hmmmmm!

I don’t really know why I started out writing this one but since I’m back into painting and hiding rocks, I receive questions about the process and I took several pictures so here we are.

When I first saw the graphic to the left and got to #9 I knew this described me and rocks so well!

I totally ran out of rocks so last week I bought two bags of different rocks at Home Depot. There are around 50 rocks in each bag and they are each extremely heavy. I thought I might bust a gut lifting them to put them in my basket. Another thing that Roy always did for me and I didn’t know how very heavy they were for him to lift. Chip did the heavy lifting for me this time and carried them to the kitchen so I could clean them.

The first bag of Dorado River Rocks ranges from 3 to 6 inch rocks of various shapes. These are my preferred size rocks. If we can’t get the rocks I really loved from creeks in Arkansas this is the next best thing.

The second bag of Imperial River Rocks has smaller rocks 1 to 4 inch rocks. I like those for little chick rocks, M&M rocks, and others.

The rocks start out soaking in soapy water for about an hour. They are scrubbed and rinsed.

They are each laid out on a drying mat (anything you have can be a drying mat). After a while, I turn them over and move them around so they are laying on a dry space.

.After they are completely dry I put them in a container to finish the drying.

These are some of my recent creations. The ones in the first basket were decoupaged using napkins. They were fun to do and I used some of the last of my original napkins. The second set that I just finished are Love themed ones.

I found some blingy stickers that I just love so some of the yellow rocks were blinged out!

Chip and I went down by the pond the other day and I took several photos. The water level has been so low the last few months.

The water is normally up to where these pine trees are. The ground drops off straight down which you cannot see in this picture. 

This view is looking back to the culvert that all of the rain from surrounding properties flows through. In a normal year you wouldn’t see any of the concrete and culvert area.  It would all be under water.

This is the straight down drop off where we were sitting.

While these photos show the low water level they also show how blessed we are to live by this pond. It is the most perfect place to sit, pray, reflect on life and destress. Anyone I know that would like to come to enjoy all that please let me know! And there are also bass, perch, and catfish in the pond.

The ongoing Dodge Dakota truck saga continues. The truck overheated the other day while Chip was bringing it back here after we thought it was fixed. I think it was Monday that Chip brought the truck AGAIN to the auto repair where they said it needs a new radiator.  Like his dad would have done Chip searched the internet and found one that we purchased and it’s on the way here now. Today we are going into Hammond to pick up the truck  AGAIN and get it back here for Chip to put in the new radiator when it comes in. Maybe then we can put it up for sale, again.

I hope each of  you have a very blessed week, Rosalyn

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