2020, 2021

01.31.21 Bible study, three tests, a visit with my friend Cindy V. and a doctor visit

I started this Monday and since I’ve had spotty internet this week haven’t been able to finish it. Today, Sunday, Chip and I tackled sorting out all of the computer wires from Roy’s computer to and from the router. Not only did that get fixed, Hallelujah! but the printer wasn’t printing, pages would just spew out with no words on them. After a couple of hours trying to figure it out, it now works again. I don’t really know which of the things I tried did the trick but I don’t care, I can print again! I also learned how to fill up the ink containers in the printer. Chip said his dad would be quite proud of me for figuring it all out. I think Roy would be very proud of both Chip and me for figuring out the internet problem.  In all that computer fun we learned we have 5G internet and are hooked up to that now!

I’ve been piddling around. Monday evening I joined in on our Ladies Bible Study on the Sermon on the Mount. God’s word is so perfect yet I don’t always understand it. This Bible study is opening my eyes to so much of Matthew 5 to 8 that I never understood before. I am thankful for our leader Johnnie who helps us so much to dig deep into God’s word. If yall remember my friend holding an assault rifle in a picture a few weeks ago. That’s our Bible study leader!

Tuesday was Buddy’s day to get his shots and to get neutered. It is required by the animal shelter even though he is 6 years old. When I picked him up at first he wouldn’t look at me so I started telling him I love him and was sorry about all that. When we got home he acted like he didn’t have anything done, running around, and was sweet to me again.

My goopy hair day

Wednesday, another get up early day, I had a brainwave test (EEG) done at North Oaks in the Neurodiagnostics area. It was a dementia mush event. I read the instructions for this test the other day. The instructions said to arrive there with my hair and body clean and not to drink any caffeine drink before the test. Instead of doing that I thought the instructions said to not clean my hair for 72 hours. So that’s how I arrived there, no hair washed and no bath. I must not have really stunk since the EEG lady didn’t say anything. I also forgot about not drinking caffeine and had a few sips of coffee while driving there. Hopefully, that little bit doesn’t affect the results!

After the EEG, the technician cleaned the goop out as much as she could. Feeling daring and hoping no one I knew saw me, I drove to Home Depot where I got two bags of river rocks and a couple of plants to fill in a flower pot with some pre-spring cuteness.

On Thursday I went back to North Oaks Diagnostics Center for a carotid artery ultrasound. A very nice young lady did the test and within 30 I was in and out. Yes, I liked that.

I then went to see Dr. Corey Majors, endocrinologist about getting my diabetes under control. He’s a great young doctor. We had a deep heart to heart visit where I confessed to my wrongdoing eating wise. Well, at least most of them….. He took me off of Januvia and added real insulin which I knew was coming but it stinks. He was giving some serious thought to finding a medicine plan that I could handle remembering what to do. I have to test my blood four times a day and take the Humalog 8 mg insulin injections three times a day.

After the jerking and falling episodes, Chip and I felt it was best to get a life alert system. Acadian Ambulance has one called Acadian On Call. I chose it because they are connected to North Oaks Medical System and will have all my medical information available when they are sent out to respond to a call from my neck pendant. The necklace is very lite and I don’t feel it around my neck. I like that!

My brain is getting worse and worse as the Galantamine gets completely out of my system and I don’t like it one bit. I see Dr. Valdes Monday and am going to ask him to put me back on it again.

Roy’s truck needed some repairs that Chip couldn’t do without lots of time off his work. He had a local tow truck company pick up the truck and bring it to A! Auto Repairs in Hammond on Tuesday. They replaced a few things and several hundred dollars later it is all fixed up and ready to go up for sale. Since I originally wrote that we discovered it really isn’t fixed like it should be, so back to the shop it goes Monday.

Friday was the MRI. Since I can’t handle the confined space inside an MRI I needed to be somewhat sedated and that means I couldn’t drive home. My friend Cindy Vernon brought me there and back. The sedation worked well and I didn’t claw my way out of the tube!. While I was in the MRI I prayed for each of the staff members at our church and for our church’s ministry to be pleasing to God.

After the test, we stopped at a relatively new restaurant where we ate outside. We both had fried catfish with crawfish etouffee on top, potato salad, and bread. Really really good!


Before leaving to go to the hospital Cindy brought me some neat craft supplies that I can use to make Christmas gift tags. She is always so generous with these things and knows how happy they make me! On Saturday Cindy gave me even more crafty gift tag supplies including small reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes wooden embellishments. They are perfect for lots of ideas I’m having!

I hope each of you has a very blessed week! Rosalyn

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