08.02.18 Rosalyn’s Partial Knee Replacement Recovery

Thursday, August 2, 2018 – Tuesday morning Roy and I went to Ochsner Medical Center in Covington for me to have partial right knee replacement surgery.  When we walked in we saw Carolyn and Marcel Lanoux (our brother in law George’s sister and husband) whom we havent seen in forever and forever.  We didn’t have much time to visit since I needed to check in but at least we got to hug!

Not long after signing in at 9:30 my name was called and off I went to the back where they did all the presurgery things.  These wonderful folks took care of me before the surgery, the pre op nurse and my anesthesiologist – GEAUX SAINTS!!  I gave them our cards with the Dora and the Explorers web address on it so I hope they are checking this out!  Thanks to all of you great and amazing folks1

My recovery nurse and my sweet hubby!  My sister Harriett stayed with Roy during the surgery.  I know he really appreciated that and I did too.  You are a great big sister Harriett!

Another nurse and one of the physcial therapy ladies who get me up and walking as soon as my legs woke up. 

I just looked back at the photos above and thought that no one should look this happy before and after having surgery! It was fun so why not smile!  Our home health nurse and physical therapist came on day two and day three.

The physical therapist just left from his second visit. He was really pleased by how I am doing.  It’s 3:30 pm right now and I haven’t needed a pain pill since 5:30 am.  I can get around for the most part a lot smoother than yesterday.

This ice chest thing (Polar Care Cube) is attached to a tube that runs within a blue thing that is wrapped around my knee.  It keeps my knee cooled and the swelling down.   I don’t have to wear it all the time but I’ve been wearing it alot. First pic is the company picture!

While we were enjoying  being outside for a little while I noticed that our rose bushes are just beautiful and I had to share!

Well that’s my knee surgery update!  I’m hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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