2018, Home in Amite

08.07.18 This and that from recent days!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 – My physical therapist buddy, Brennan,  comes everyday to put me through the exercises and to get me to walk around the house using my walker.  Here we are during one of our special times!  I’m doing better each day so God is healing me and the therapy is working! Omni is the Home Health company that sends their great folks out to us.  I’d highly recommend them when you have a need like this!

Roy put the first of our wall words up on the small wall over the kitchen counter where you can see it when you first walk in.

When he recovers from putting that one up I’ve got more for him to work on!

Several days ago, my sister Harriett and her husband George came to visit us and see our new home.  A couple of days later Chip brought his family to visit and for Kallie to see our new home. Though we are far far far from having the furniture we need and want, we were happy to get to show them how it all looks so far.

A couple of years ago Roy put down several railroad ties to give Dora a place to rest her feet (tires) on when she’s home.  Over time they have moved so Roy needed to dig them up and bolt them together.  This is not a project for the faint of heart especially in the recent heatwave.  He needed my valuable help at one point but of course there is no photo of my contribution!

Here’s our watermelon plants that we grew from seeds from a couple of large watermelons.  Can’t wait to see if they take off and do well!

We were not able to go in town to church last Sunday so we watched it on Facebook Live.  For the first time, Roy was able to get it to display on our living room television screen!  So cool!

I learned about a quirky form of rock painting that looks like M&Ms with a bite taken out of them.  Here’s a whole bunch of them about halfway through the painting process. Second picture includes two finished rocks from a previous batch. 

I created a new facebook group called Rosie Rocks.  On the back of the rocks I glue a label asking those who find the rock to share it on that group.  If you’d like to become part of that group so you can see when the rocks are found go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/1707652262651874/

Join the group, I’ll approve it and then you’re in!  I’ve always asked the rock finders to post their pictures on the facebook group RVing Rocks! but as time has gone on I thought it might be cool to have a group of my one where only my rocks are shared.

We have two new bookings for Dora.  When she gets home from her adventure out west there are two, maybe three, couples coming to meet Dora and us before they make their final decision.

My partial knee replacement recovery is going well.  Roy and I walked down the hill to the pond to check on the watermelon plants, and walked back up the hill to the house. Roy had a foldable cane when he had his knee replacement so I’m using that now instead of the walker. I go to Dr. Blessey for my post op appointment on August 15 to get the stitches removed and everything checked out.  I haven’t had pain for a few days which is wonderful!

Well that’s all that’s new in our world!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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