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04.03,04,05.18 Madisyn and Olivia’s Excellent Adventure!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday April 3, 4 and 5, 2018 – I crawled across the floor and with my last bit of strength pulled myself up onto the sofa to reach for my computer and write this.  Ha, ha, ha!!!

Yes, Roy and I are a little tired after a couple of days with Madisyn and her BFF Olivia but the joy in our heart is so wonderful!

I’ve titled this post Madisyn and Olivia’s Excellent Adventure.  I loved Ted and Bill’s Excellent Adventure with their “Totally Gnarly Dude” and “Party On Dudes!”  These two little girls are so adorable I thought this was a cool way to title the post.

Madisyn was with us on Monday before the Excellent Adventure.  The first photos are from that time. Madisyn is teaching Paw Paw how to do something on his new phone.  Yes a 9 year old teaching a computer technician how to use his phone!!

Paw Paw and Madisyn enjoying their evening bowl of ice cream!

Madisyn’s dad (our son) Chip came to visit her and they enjoyed chatting while swinging on the hammock.

Here’s the beginning of the Excellent Adventure.  This was at 10 am, yes they slept that late!!  Olivia sleeping on the sofa, the morning after night one!

Madisyn sleeping in the bed.  She told me later that I rolled over onto her during the night so she wanted to sleep in the living room the next night…………

The two buddies throughout the day, visiting with the neighbors doggies, watching TV outside, feeding the fish in the pond, and more.


Standing on the bench feeding the fish. The fish were going crazing eating the bread no matter where the girls were.

Walking through the trail on the side of the pond to the other side

The girls and Roy getting the paddle boat into the water!Our ride around the pond

     Rock painting was a lot of fun!

 Hammock swinging was also lots of fun.  They squealed and sang the whole time they swang!

The trees finally have all their leaves so looking up from the hammock is amazingly beautiful!

Turns out their favorite place was sitting in the paddle boat up on land.  They have quite an imagination and put it to good use there! It’s way down by the pond so I snuck up on them and found them having more fun!

My sister Harriett, her daughter Dana and Dana’s son John came to visit Thursday afternoon.  Dana and the children took the paddle boat out after which we had a really nice visit on our patio.  The children decorated sugar cookies and did really great with those.

Roy wanted me to take a photo of our dinner their last evening here so their parents could see we do feed them healthy food when they visit!   

There is a lot going on in our family that I need to ask prayers for.  Don’t want to get into it here, but we really need those prayers.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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