2018, Dementia

04.02.18 Short little note today!

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Thursday, April 2, 2018, I’ve previously written about my dislike (oh such a nice way to put it) of the new neurologist, Dr. Patricia Morgan.  The straw that broke the camels back just happened with her and I will be writing about it.  Mostly for those with dementia to know who not to see. If there is one type of doctor who needs to have their act together and be extremely knowledgeable it’s a brain doctor.  Grrrrr.

We’ve had Madisyn and her little friend Olivia visiting for a couple of days so I’ll be catching up on my writing soon.  I have a blog post titled Madisyn and Olivia’s Great Adventures already started to share.

We have company coming to visit, Harriett, Dana and her son John.  The girls will have a third buddy to play with!

Ya’ll have a blessed Thursday!

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