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03.18.18 Acceptance, by Cheryl Stevenson

ACCEPTANCE, By Cheryl Stevenson Sept. 2011

When I don’t recognize you, yet you know me, please be patient & understanding.

I can’t control what I remember or what I forget.

When I have trouble finding a word while I’m talking to you, please don’t make me feel bad about it.

I’m trying so hard to remember the word & the stress & embarrassment can increase my symptoms.

When I get lost, please help me find my way.

I don’t ever want to get lost, but sometimes it just happens.

If I try to explain to you some of the symptoms that I deal with, please don’t say that you know what it’s like, when you really don’t.

When I just want someone to talk to, please be there for support.

If I forget something that you’ve told me, just gently remind me.

Please don’t make me feel bad about something that I have no control over.

When I have trouble doing something on my own, please just help guide me through it.

Please don’t do something for me that I am still able to do with some help or guidance.

Please love me in spite of my faults, because no one is perfect.

If I’m in a fog, please be there to help make me feel safe.

Please learn to live in my world, rather than expect me to live in yours.

If your expectations of me are too high, I may fail.

Please try to accept me for who I am, & not for who I used to be.

©Cheryl Stevenson


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