2018, Family Fun

03.15.18 Treasured Photos – Paw Paw with Madisyn in her spot

Thursday, March 15, 2018 – Ever since Madisyn was a tiny little baby she’s had a special spot under her Paw Paw Roy’s right and left arm.  Whether they are eating ice cream (a mandatory ritual in our home), visiting, sleeping or watching the Braves on TV, she’s always had her spot.  Here are some photos of this specialness between Madisyn and her Paw Paw Roy. As she’s gotten older  that spot under his arm hasn’t been big enough so they just sit side by side.  I love the special spot in his heart that he has for our granddaughter.



Now Roy has Madisyn on one side and Kallie on the other side!

Here’s hoping for many many more moments for Roy with his grandchildren!  Our other son does not want his family’s photos shared, but we love them too!

Ya’ll come back, now ya’ hear!

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