Northwest Journey

5.07.15 Day two – headed to Mountain View, Arkansas

10262184_10154465093915010_1182540173180383754_nThursday, May 7, 2015 – Day two of our trip to Mountain View, Arkansas.

Here’s some pictures of yesterday”s drive through Louisiana, Mississippi, back to Louisiana and then up to Arkansas.

Mile after mile of baby corn stalks!
There were at least 500 of these brand new railroad tankers sitting still on the tracts. They must be produced nearby.

20150506_154753 20150506_154811 20150506_162533We spent the night at the McGehee, Arkansas Walmart parking lot.  We’ve learned from reading other people’s blogs that it is best to go inside when you first arrive and ask permission from someone before setting everything up for the night.  The nice lady at this Walmart said sure no problem.  They like you to park as far away from the store as you can (park near the front of the lot).  It was a little too warm to get a good night sleep with no air conditioner but we did the best we could, and just look forward to tonight when we will have full hookups and can 10178093_342910769197092_5000442774910047737_nsleep well.

We ate dinner last evening at a really good Chinese buffet right next to Walmart.  Very good food but since it’s all there for the taking it’s hard to stick to a small portion diet.  I guess a splurge every now and then is okay.  Their green beans were delicious.  Baked in some special sauce, we both got two helpings of those!

We left around 8:30 this morning and took a break for lunch and for Roy to rest up a bit.  The scenery has been pretty much all the same until about an hour ago.  We’ve been taking back highways instead of interstates so we’ve seen more of the local community which is always nice.  In the last little while we’ve noticed some of the regular pine trees we see in Louisiana and also some of the 1925244_10152206234695999_1163848698_nChristmas tree looking pine trees we enjoyed in Minnesota.  There are a lot more hills, with mountains in the distance.

When we originally left on our first journey to Minnesota one of the things we noticed was how the leaves are just starting to bloom on the trees the further north we went.  That same things is happening now.  In Louisiana all the trees leaves have come in and they are very full.  Here they are about half way in.  We left Louisiana in 2013 this same week, a few days earlier!

We arrived this afternoon at Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas where we’ll stay two weeks.  The mountains surrounding here are really pretty and the resort is as nice as we remembered it to be.  Here’s a couple of pictures of us arriving.  We’ll be staying here at the resort most of tomorrow so I’ll take more pictures of the creek/river and all the beautiful surroundings here!

anglers holiday mountain resort 1 anglers holiday mountain resortYa’ll come  back now, ya’ hear!

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