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05.05.15 Tuesday before Take Off!

why we rvThis blog actually comes before the one I posted earlier.  Sorry for any confusion this causes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – Roy spent the last couple of days putting things away (the BBQ pit, tables, chairs, boots, etc.) so we were just about ready for Wednesday’s departure. Here’s Roy putting the BBQ pit away. The stand folds up and it comes with a cover. Perfect for storage under an RV!

20150428_152006 20150428_152740We left around noon for Roy’s appointment with Dr. Chiasson, our bone and joint doctor, for a shot in his knee. This HOW GREAT THOU ARTshot was hyaluronic acid – a substance that acts as a shock absorber or cushion — is injected into the knee joint. People often refer to these injections as ‘chicken shots’ because the injected fluid is extracted from the combs on the back of chicken’s heads. We found that odd so I wanted to share! He had the shot and now his knee hurts. The steriod shots always helped immediately. These take longer to start working but are suppose to last much longer. Had to get Roy in shape for all the walking we do while traveling!

Next, we drove over to Dr. Greiner’s office, my eye doctor. As a side note, I really dislike the increase in my specialist copayment from $25 to $50 per visit. After a short wait I was called back and did the spiffy little OCT test. Their technology on this test has improved to where I didn’t need my eyes dilated. Yay for not having huge eyeballs for the rest of the evening. I won’t get the results until next week. trust in his timing

Next was getting Boots cleaned at Big Bad Ben’s Carwash. Don’t know if you have one of these in your town but it’s great, especially since Chip gave us a gift card for it!

With Boots all cleaned we went to Lowe’s and Walmart. We picked up a dozen pink roses to give Madisyn after her performance and headed over to dinner with the family. We also managed to fit in time to get Boot’s gas tank filled. We don’t know what the gas price will be going north so we got some cheap Louisiana fuel.

We love China Palace restaurant in Hammond. It has a great buffet and the food is always perfect. They also have pizza, fried fish and shrimp and lots of fruit so we knew Madisyn would eat good. Madisyn’s mommy Liz, daddy Chip, Madisyn, Roy and I ate to our hearts content. Here’s a couple of pictures from our dinner.

Madisyn is in Kindergarten and read all of the words on all our fortune cookie messages!
Chip and Madisyn at China Garden.

We all left in time to get to Madisyn’s End of the School Year Performance at Ponchatoula High School. We were use for madisyn's programworried that Madisyn would get stage fright. She said she had “a lot of stage frightening” in her stomach! We need not have been worried because when those curtains opened “the girl was on it!” There are 8 Kindergarten classes at her school. Her class sang in one song by itself, three songs with two other classes, and all the children sang the last song. During the one song that just her class danced, there was a part for her to dance with a little boy. She’s the girl in the back with a big white bow and a white belt. The video can be seen here: Madisyn’s video

madisyn end of school 2 madisyn end of school 3 madisyn all classes

All 8 classes singing the finale “Zippity Do Da, Zippitya”

madisyn and paw paw
Madisyn and Paw Paw Roy
madisyn grannie paw paw
Grannie Rosalyn, Madisyn and Paw Paw Roy

madisyn on stairs

We had so much fun watching her dance. Of course all the children were great but Madisyn was our little darling of the evening! After the performances Roy gave her the bouquet of pink roses and she was so delighted! It was all the perfect way to end our time back in Louisiana. That brings us to the end of a very busy Tuesday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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