Home in Hammond

10.25.14 William Carey University Chorale, playtime with the twins, looking at houses and land!

I’m so happy that Fall has actually arrived in Louisiana that when I found this, I knew I had to share it! come little leaves

Monday evening the William Carey University Chorale sang at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church.   How amazing it was to see several dozen young people walk in singing and fill up the choir loft.   When the orchestra started playing and the young people opened their mouths to sing all I could think was Wow!  Praise God for Christian young people with so much talent singing for the Lord.  One of the songs was “O Happy Day” and a lot of clapping and swaying was going on in the choir and in the congregation.  Dave and Jessica Bryant were members of our church before moving to Hattiesburg, MS where William Carey is located.  They work at William Carey now in the Music department, and have made their home there.  They are teachers so they are not in the student Chorale, but it was wonderful seeing both of them Monday.


Our sweet wonderful hopefully soon to be daughter-in-law, Kim, asked me to go with her to take the twins to the doctor in Covington.  I was thrilled to get to spend time with Kim and the boys and really appreciate her asking me to do this.  The twins read (looked at) their books all the way there and preciously scampered around the waiting room playing before being called back.  It wasn’t a terribly pleasant visit for Braxton so when he was done I took him back to the waiting room so mama Kim could have a quiet room for Bentley to be check out.

Now that a contract has been signed we can move on to the next step in our housing adventure.  We want either a piece of land on which we can build a small house to rent, and park our RV on it when we come in town.  Or an already build house with enough land for us to park our RV on when we come in town.  Our real estate agent, whom you know we adore, took me around to several nearby16728_787907554599743_5997883008315077696_n cities looking at land and houses.   I looked at several on line before finding around 8 to look at.  Most in the price range I’m looking at are either not in good repair or not in a good neighborhood but one of the pieces of land was an immediate YES!!

I selected one of the houses and one piece of land for Roy to see on Friday.   He said no to the first house in Hammond so we went to Amite to see the land. The city of Amite is about 17 miles away from Hammond up the interstate.  Once you get off the interstate it’s probably another 13 miles to the land.  The rolling hills and pastureland we passed were breathtaking!  I fell in love with it when first seeing it and just knew Roy would love it also.  A few feet on the back of the property are part of a pond that goes behind several lots.  Across the street is a huge open piece of land with beautiful trees. The land we are looking at is completely cleared (one large pine) and filled and the water well is already installed and the price is right.  It’s perfect for a small house and RV parking space.

I think from the minute we pulled up Roy was sold.  We met the man who lives next door and he gave us lots of helpful information about the property. He also helped us measure the property. We are meeting with a contractor tomorrow to look at floor plans and get a clearer picture of costs to build the house.  Once we knowi will neither grown up or age gracefully a little more, we’ll be better prepared to see if this is the direction we want to go in.

To some it may seem odd  for us to be buying a house right after selling one.  The extra income will be much welcomed, but the main reason is that we want to have a home to come to if we have to, or want to stop traveling.   And one that is not as big as our current house is with all the gardens.   Downsizing makes sense to us as we get older and now is the time!

I cut the grass at our house, for possibly the last time yesterday.  Unless it grows a lot before the final house walk through, it will be the last cutting.  The home inspection is schedule for next Tuesday.  Fun times!!  It’s such a wonderful feeling to finally be moving forward instead of being stagnant.  I Praise God for getting us this far and all He will guide us through to the end of this housing adventure.

romans 12 2 Hope you have a great weekend!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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