Home in Hammond

10.22.14 We FINALLY have a signed contract to sell our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did you hear the Hallelujah chorus steaming?? Well that’s because we have a signed contract our house. We thought we were going to sold signhave to settle for renting it but out of the blue a great offer arrives. I was at church for a concert when the text message came in. And the choir was singing “O Happy Day”.  How perfect is that!

It’s been a long process to get it sold and quite a roller coaster ride of emotions along the way.  Our real estate agents have been fantastic and have been baffled along with us that it wasn’t sold sooner.  God’s timing isn’t always the same as our timing but His timing is always perfect.

As long as the process to get to the act of sale goes smoothly, we should be free to leave early December if not before.  Our desire to get out west and explore that part of our beautiful country has been hard to curb at times but finally we’re getting there!  RVers will know this desire as “hitch itch”!

It has been wonderful to be back home with our family, especially having the time to get to know Chip’s Kimberly and the twins better.  We’ll have to deal with saying goodbye once again but  God will get us all through that and we’ll all be stronger for it.

We’re both happy with the agreement we reached which will allow us to get back to our travels. So here we go …..

westward ho

Roy’s last day at work at his temporary job at Southeastern Louisiana University is on October 31st. We’ve been parked in this yard for five months now and are more than ready to get started on our travels west.

We plan to head north through Mississippi and stay for a while in Arkansas where we first met up with Pappy Mellon. Last time there was in early May of 2013 and this trip will get us there in mid November so we’ll get to see the place in a different 51rose2inwaterseason. We both loved our stay at Holiday Mountain Resort there (a Coast to Coast Resort) and were looking forward to returning for a while. Unfortunately they close their Resort for the season on October 31st (BIG disappointment) but another campground is open in our Coast to Coast membership only 30 minutes away.51royrocking These two pictures are from our visit last year.

Our travels from there on haven’t been determined. We really couldn’t make plans before we knew when we would be traveling. We hope to go westward through Oklahoma to visit Matt and Alanna Traylor near Tulsa. Then on Shawnee, Oklahoma to see Susan Randels Ward, my dear friend from my childhood and youth at Lakeview Baptist Church in New Orleans. Then we’ll travel across the southwestern and central western states until winter is past and then head up northwest.

Our plans are to stay out west for the next year. It’s gonna be difficult to stay away from our family for so long but thank goodness for Skype and computers!

gods bigger plan We’ll keep you updated as our plans progress. Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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