2014 RV Travels

04.18.14 Peacocks at MEW Ranch!!

1800354_816778445015433_1071299814_nWe are taking care of 6 peacocks as part of our responsibilities here at MEW Ranch in San Diego, Texas.  I’ve only seen live (not in print) peacocks in zoos and when we visited the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, FL.  I’ve never heard them holler Help but they do and they are so loud about it we can hear them at our RV from their cage by the Morgan’s house.  The daddy peacock does it mostly and he’s also very protective of his flock.  Roy has to protect himself when he goes in there as daddy peacock thinks Roy’s going to do something to his flock when all Roy’s there for is to feed and water them!  Here’s some pictures of these beautiful creatures. peacock3 peacock2 peacock

Here’s a link to a video I posted on Facebook of the daddy peacock yelling Help!


This is Ms. Ann all prettied up and ready to leave for Europe!ms ann


Two of the chickens that are my favorites.  They look like something in a country painting.hen and rooster

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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