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04.18.14 Good Friday is Here!

10259994_10151973443605946_2265143770221909712_n“Good Friday is here. Mary is crying her eyes out, The disciples have hidden. The sky is blackened and the earth quakes while officers gamble over his garments. And the dreams and hopes of many are dashed against the rocks.

But it is only Friday. SUNDAY’S COMING!”  — Dr. Randy Davis

Bro. Randy (our home church pastor) began this Facebook post noting that this is not new but I felt it stated what10262092_654413707941372_7162460908465024290_n was happening on the day of Jesus’ death very simply and beautifully.  These days in the history of Christianity are days Christians think deeply about what Jesus’ death did for us.  We should think deeply about this every single day but too often we don’t think about it enough during the year, and let the world and our daily lives take precedence over this amazing display of sacrificial love when God sent his only son to earth to die to take on our sins. I have no deep theological thoughts to share but have a simple love of Jesus Christ and what he did for me to let the significance of today go unnoticed before I start babbling about what’s going on in our lives in Texas!

On to my babble!!

Roy and I went to the shooting range when we were much younger and both enjoyed it.  I was actually a pretty good shooter and liked posing like Charlie’s Angels!   There are some targets set up on the ranch for the hunters to practice their shooting.  Now that the hunters have stopped coming Roy and I took our gun out and practiced.  Well at least Roy did, he’s very good.  I however stunk and am not allowed to hold a gun again…..  Having had carpel tunnel surgery on both hands reduced the strength in my hands/fingers.  It was so hard for me to pull the trigger back that when I did and it shot I freaked out.  I tried it twice and was so in shock I didn’t think of where I was pointing it until I saw the horrified look on Roy’s face. Yes I was pointing it everywhere include at him……  So that’s why I’m not allowed to hold one again and I must say I now have no desire to, since it was no longer easy.  I’ll use one if I have to defend myself but only then.  Here’s pictures of us shooting.  The expression on my face in one of the pictures was me freaking out.

shooting4 shooting3 shooting shoot 2This is the view out our front window.  I love it!  The owners of the ranch left for Europe this morning so we’re in charge of the animals and plants on our own now!

front window view



Here’s hoping everyone had a blessed Good Friday! Please remember what Jesus did this day so many years ago, for you and for me.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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