04.05.14 Around us in our little world! Completed version!

I’ve been asked what it looks like right around where our RV is parked, so here’s a view of the area around us in our little world from two different angles.

2014-04-05_12-34-57_779 2014-04-05_12-33-20_579

And a picture of Mr. Bill the ranch’s owner and one of their dogs Bo, or maybe it’s Beau.  The more I get to know him the more I see that Roy is very much like him.  They get along well and I’m a little sad they’ll be leaving us, but on to Europe they will go! The second picture is Mr. Bill, coming to our RV for a visit. We enjoy his visits!  He even brings us eggs and a head of cabbage the other day!  I cooked the cabbage last night and it was delicious.

mr bill and bo sat mrbill in atv at rv

We are parked away from the Morgan’s home in an area surrounded by:

The hunter’s lodge (rented out to hunters who do not come in an RV)


A giant campfire pit (kind of like the ones we built when we stayed in Minnesota, but this one is on mega steroids)!




The storage type building where we do our laundry

MEW WASHING ROOMTwo heavy metal buildings:

One for feed storage


One for cold storage of the hunter’s kills.

Outside the cold storage is a big metal hanger where  they hang the deer or hogs there for cleaning.   There is a MEW RANCH sign built into this metal hanger with big spotlights on top.  I believe that most of the hunting is done at night so the spotlights probably come in quite handy!

mEW SIGN AND STORAGE 2014-04-05_12-31-16_184

The pasture and pond where the cows hang out in the evening.

MEW COWS  2014-04-03_12-37-58_319

Roy sitting outside our RV on a nice evening this week.


The Texas State Flag that Mr. Bill is so proud of!  He really loves being a Texan!!

morgan house from our rv

Mr. Bill’s son, Bill Jr., lives next to us and is a really great guy.  He’ll be here while Mr. Bill and Ms. Ann are gone, so we’ll have some company!

I said in a previous post that I believed the crippled trees were the Texas State Tree, the Pecan Tree.  I was totally wrong!  They are the Arizona State Tree, the Palo Verde.  My dear husband looked into it and pointed out the error to me.  Aren’t husbands so good at that??!!

I updated our map of the states we’ve visited to include Texas.  Here it is!

visited states map march 2014


Ya’ll have a great weekend, and come back now, ya’ hear!

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