2014 RV Travels

04.03.14 Riding around the Ranch!

2014-04-03_13-01-01_220Mr. Bill let Roy and I take his ATV out for a ride around the ranch and what a beautiful sight it was!  It is overwhelming to me that such beauty is growing in this hot, dryness!  Around every corner of the trail was another beautiful scene.  This is early in the growing season and I can’t wait till the bushes and flowers are in full bloom.  Many of these bushes are highly desired by garden centers who sometimes come here to dig them up for resale!

Names like Blackbrush Acacia, Big Bend Bluebonnet, Common Canyon Daisy, Texas Mountain Laurel, Prairie Fleabane meant nothing to be but we saw them all today while on our ride. I have grown Creeping Lantana with a beautiful lavender bloom in Louisiana but haven’t seen it in abundance like it is in the wild here!

Get ready for a lot of pictures taken from our ride.  We saw some of their hunting blinds (which are named after famous hotels), wild hog and deer feeders, tons of amazing cactus, beautiful bushes just starting to bloom and lots of wildflowers down the middle of the road, on the side of the road and in the beautiful meadows!  The big meadow is where Roy will be flying his airplane and helicopter (if the wind ever dies down!).

We saw their cow, bull and calf up close, the pond and a big hill called Look Out Mountain!  Gotta love Mr. Bill’s clever naming of things around here! These last things are right next to our RV as you can see in the pictures!  So very cool to look out our window and watch the cows grazing by the pond.  Last summer was Minnesota lakes and this year it’s Texas meadows!  Loving this RV life more and more!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

2014-04-03_13-40-35_684  2014-04-03_13-39-06_349 2014-04-03_13-38-29_897  2014-04-03_13-36-08_937 2014-04-03_13-34-47_78 2014-04-03_13-21-19_471 2014-04-03_13-23-20_768 2014-04-03_13-24-22_204 2014-04-03_13-28-08_459 2014-04-03_13-28-21_400 2014-04-03_13-28-51_587 2014-04-03_13-30-49_349 2014-04-03_13-20-44_938 2014-04-03_13-20-22_986   2014-04-03_13-18-07_404 2014-04-03_13-15-26_743 2014-04-03_13-15-00_430 2014-04-03_13-02-42_510 2014-04-03_13-03-09_751 2014-04-03_13-05-15_501 2014-04-03_13-06-20_405  2014-04-03_13-08-03_799 2014-04-03_13-12-06_768 2014-04-03_12-52-06_781  2014-04-03_12-53-31_516 2014-04-03_12-53-35_537 2014-04-03_12-53-43_567 2014-04-03_12-54-50_304 2014-04-03_13-01-01_220 2014-04-03_12-51-37_298 2014-04-03_12-50-20_13 2014-04-03_12-49-55_928 2014-04-03_12-49-46_171 2014-04-03_12-48-59_213 2014-04-03_12-47-56_991 2014-04-03_12-46-03_715 2014-04-03_12-37-13_787 2014-04-03_12-37-58_319 2014-04-03_12-41-49_716 2014-04-03_12-43-39_444 2014-04-03_12-45-37_647


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