From Minnesota to Louisiana

11.03.13 Bye Bye Decatur Indiana! Onward to Kentucky!!


The a/c hose we’ve been waiting on forever for Dora came in this morning and we are having it installed right now!!!!!! It went in perfectly and we will be leaving for Kentucky shortly.

In the last couple of days we’ve enjoyed watching Hallmark Christmas love story movies, made some gumbo and vegetable beef soup and attended Hope Missionary Church with Ron Aschliman and his children (the family that invited us to their house for dinner last week). Mama Nichole went to Florida for a surprise visit with her sister. Daddy Ron got all three children to church and they looked adorable!  Their church was wonderful and huge but very friendly.  The Pastors sermon was about the danger of making pleasure an idol. Very thought provoking.  After telling the sweet little ones and Ron goodbye we came home to endure the Saints game.  Ugly, ugly loss.  Woke up this morning to the good news that the part had arrived!

Some of our followers haven’t been with us from the beginning and haven’t seen the RV we live in.  They also might not know who we are referring to when we say Dora,  Boots and the Explorers.

Dora is the name we’ve given to our RV and Boots is the name of our toad which is a Dodge Dakota.  A toad is what RVers call the vehicle they tow behind them to use for  driving around the city or on trips when the RV is parked for a while.  We got the name Dora and the Explorers  from the TV show which we watched often with our granddaughter Madisyn since she was a baby.  Since we are exploring the USA we decided to be The Explorers who go with Dora.  Since Boots always follows Dora we thought it only appropriate for our toad to be called Boots since he follows our RV everywhere!

The link below is to an album of pictures of Dora on Facebook.  These pictures were taken by the Berryland Campers where we purchased her and some were taken by me.  We’ve replaced both of the old style TVs with flat paneled TVs so imagine nice flat paneled TVs where the ugly old clunky TVs are in the pictures!

When we get to Kentucky and start looking around there we’ll share those adventures with ya’ll. Have a great week and

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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