From Minnesota to Louisiana

11.01.13 Madisyn, Berne Indiana, Super duper Pizza and Shingles/Flu Shots!

When we were living in our driveway in Hammond we often included pictures of our granddaughter Madisyn. She’s grown so much since we left and here are a couple of recent pictures of her.  One is her Halloween costume and the other is her Thanksgiving outfit that we ordered for her. She and her mom are now living in Louisiana so we’ll be seeing lots of her once we get back to the south for the winter!  We’re very happy about that!

madisyn 480661_405387086254682_143219259_n

Wednesday we drove to Berne, Indiana, a charming Swiss community with a distinctive heritage which was founded by Swiss Mennonite immigrants in 1852. We saw horse-drawn Amish buggies and the towns buildings were of Swiss architecture complete with flower boxes.

2013-10-30_11-58-23_874 2013-10-30_11-59-06_495 2013-10-30_12-01-11_562 2013-10-30_12-04-38_881 2013-10-30_12-13-06_419

In the middle of town was a huge tower with a beautiful clock on all sides.  The tower is on one side of a city block that has been landscaped with benches and sidewalks.

2013-10-30_12-19-55_339 IMG_20131030_122251_185

Across from the tower is the First Mennonite Church which is a very large old building.  Mennonite’s are different from Amish in many ways.  One of which is that Mennonites meet in a church buildng and Amish do not meet for church in a building but they meet in the members’ homes on a rotating basis.   If we are here long enough I’d like to attend the Mennonite church.

2013-10-30_12-18-53_383 2013-10-30_12-25-08_65

We checked out a woodworking company in Berne but found out they only do tours one week a year.  We then drove back to Decatur to see the Thunderbird company that makes Formula raceboats like Al Copeland’s Popeyes racing boats.  They no longer do tours but we got to see a couple of really old boats and looked through the big glass doors into the factory to see the new boats being made.  They are huge and quite impressive.

IMG_20131030_125247_559 IMG_20131030_125425_424 2013-10-30_12-54-49_441 2013-10-30_12-53-46_278

In our driving around we saw that Walgreen’s is giving flu shots and shingles shots so we stopped there to get ours. We found out that you have to be 60 or over to get a shingles shot without a prescription so only Roy could get that one but we could both get the flu shots.  When Roy first asked about the shots he was told that the shingles shot was 219 so we figured $2.19.  When they rang it up it was actually $219.99.  We are so thankful to have insurance that covered 100% of the cost of all the shots! We even got a picture of the pharmacist giving me the flu shot!

rosalyn flu shot

We made our way to a recommended pizza place in town called Pizza King.  It reminded me of the old Pizza Inns. We ordered the Super King and it was scrumptious and twice as big as we could eat so we brought lots home to enjoy Thursday evening.

uper king pizza 1

I cooked a pot of gumbo today and let it cool while Roy and I went out to dinner at the Back 40 Junction restaurant for their Friday night seafood and regular food buffet.  It was good food but not seasoned like us Louisianans expect of seafood.  The atmosphere and music was very unique and the place was crowded.  An Amish family with three little children sat by us. The children’s clothes were just like their parents2013-11-01_17-02-28_642013-11-01_17-07-45_8322013-11-01_17-12-20_7962013-11-01_17-20-39_123. The boy was the youngest and it was hard not to watch him he did so many cute things.

The part for our RV hasn’t arrived yet so we will be here until at least early next week.  We found out about an arts and crafts fair in Berne tomorrow which we’ll go to.  We’ll go to church Sunday with the Aschliman family that had us over for dinner this week.  Can’t wait to see their kids again!  Hopefully by Monday we’ll know more about when Dora’s ready to get on the road again.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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