Our life at Northern Lights Resort

05.30.13 Cutting some things from the budget; and our work

We’ve finally eliminated all expenses house related from our budget.  All except the homeowners insurance but that’s kind of covered by their rent, so I guess that’s not on our dime any longer also!!!  The new tenants have the electricity and water in their names now and we’ve taken it out of ours.  Definitely one of the nice benefits of living in the RV is no more utility bills.  Our food expense hasn’t gone down any even though we rarely eat out.  I’m enjoying cooking more now that there is more time to do it.  I’m baking my first cake in our convection oven right now.  Roy doesn’t come home until 8 tonight so I want to surprise him with something special!

I snuck up on Roy to catch him in the act of working, and I find him fishing!!! It’s okay for him to do that if there are no guests that need him!

Roy caught his first Northern Pike today, cleaned him and it’s in the frig!  They have limits on the amounts and size fish you can keep here.  If they are between 17-28″ they have to go back.  Roy’s caught more than just that one but I believe that’s the only keeper he caught.  We’re working opposite schedules this week and it’s kind of lonely around here without him in the evenings.  Plus I leave at 8 am with him still asleep.  At least it’s only this week that our schedules are off.  Starting next week we’ll both go in at 1 pm    I work till 7 and Roy works till 9. I make up some of the time on Saturday when I work longer than he does.

rosalynondock (2)
Roy in the act of working gassing up one of the resort’s boats.

Today I got some practice processing credit card payments and learning how to balance out the cash register.  I also got to enter charges for bait, gasoline, ice and snacks.  I’ve got smooth hands from filling up all the soft soap containers. All this is cool and lots easier than working in the cabins.  I also loaded up some storage bins with all the linens floor mats and kitchen towels we’ll need on Saturday when the cabin occupants leave.  I’m getting pretty good at putting together the linen package of a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow cases and putting a little sticker with either a T, F, Q or K on it so we know quickly what size sheets they are when we’re cleaning the cabin.  I will be much more appreciative of a clean hotel or other room when we are visiting somewhere in the future.  We have some neat processes here that help things work smoothly.  All the cleaning processes and we don’t run any motorized vehicles during the week, only on Saturdays when the guests have checked out.  I can only imagine what processes they use at Disneyworld to have it running like it does!

Ya’ll have a wonderful Thursday evening.  Did you know people up here do not say ya’ll?  I have some serious language correction to do with these folks.  At least our neighbors are from Florida and understand our way of talking.  Roy got us a water filter so gone is the hard water and we should be lathering up again!  Also, there are layers of granite underneath the ground up here, not swampland like Louisiana!!!  They really wouldn’t understand if we explained how we had to drive pilings under our houses in New Orleans and Metairie to shore them up!

Later!  Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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