Our life at Northern Lights Resort

05.28.13 Dinners with the peeps!

roy burito
That’s Russ eating on the left. He did the majority of the burrito frying but in this picture Roy’s doing his. I’m glad he’s learning so we can do this ourselves in the future.
This is of course a posed picture of what looks like me cooking my own, not!


Sunday night our neighbors Annie and Russ invited us over for a wonderful dinner of giant fried burritos.  I’ve never eaten a burrito but I believe these are very different than the normal variety you get in a restaurant.  After we loaded the wrap with whatever we wanted we folded them over on two sides and then made a little packet ouf of them with the remaining two sides.  Russ had a fire going with a rectangular heavy pan heating some canola oil.  He placed them in there one at a time and cooked them on both sides until they were beautifully brown, crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside.  Annie then took each one and made what she calls a diaper out of a paper towel so we could hold them while we eat them. We each had two of these mouth watering creations which totally filled us up.  This cooking outside has so many facets to it and we’re just starting to scratch the surface.  I love having them for neighbors, they’ve taught us all sorts of things.  They are retired school teachers who have been camping for years and not too long ago started doing it full time.  They are really fun to hang out with and I think they’ve even figured out that we’re crazy and they still hang out with us!

This is Beth and Annie

Tuesday evening we served dinner to our co-workers at the Lodge. We ate there because Russ was on duty this evening so this allowed us all to eat together without him being left out.  I cooked Chicken Geraldine (artichoke hearts, chicken breasts, bacon, cheese and diced tomatoes), fresh vegetable casserole(fresh  broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and bell peppers in a butter/Worcestershire sauce( and Mississippi Mud pie for dessert.  Almost every bite of it was eaten so I guess it was good.  There was enough dessert left for us to eat tomorrow night!  They’ve all been so nice cooking food for the others and we wanted to reciprocate with some of the foods we love to eat.

I just finished my first day back at work and I’m heading out to the docks to catch some sun and do some reading! I’ll leave you with three little tidbits of information: Our grass seed is starting to sprout, we still don’t have a telephone and the water up here is hard water.  Take a bit of getting use to the soap or shampoo not lathering!


Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

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