Our life at Northern Lights Resort

05.24.13 Second week of getting the resort ready to kick into full gear!

This week of work was very different from last week.  We’re no longer all working together, but on our own shifts.  Roy and I work almost the same schedule which is mostly afternoon/evenings which means WE GET TO SLEEP LATE!!!!!!!  This is the fourth week for the other work campers and our second week. There’s a lot to learn before the resort kicks into full gear.

Guests started arriving this week and five of the cabins are occupied.  By June 1st all 12 cabins will be occupied throughout the summer until Labor Day. Entire families come here to spend the week together, families have reunions here, a church group comes in July and one man I met use to come here back in the 1950s and told us stories of how it was back then.  I love that families come here year after year and it becomes a tradition to gather here and bond. There’s nothing keeping you Louisiana folks from making this your summer vacation destination, except for they are almost completely booked!

Roy at work putting together some BBQ grills for the cabins
This is Roy at work! I was off reclining in the lounge chair reading and he sat down waiting for someone to need him and got real comfy! This only lasted a couple of minutes so I had to take the shot when I could!

Roy started working the docks helping people dock and launch their boats, clean fish, selling bait , continuing some of his handyman duties, and provided assistance getting the web site’s web cam working  and some other technology things I don’t understand!  When they get the web cam completely working I’ll let ya’ll know because you can go to the web page and see what’s happening on the lake and around anytime!  The guys put out the biggest dock this morning so you can go way out into the water to fish if you don’t have a boat.  All of the docks here are floating which are way weird after always seeing fixed docks with pilings down in the mud.  Walking on them is very wicked and something that takes some getting use to!

The Loft Living Room

For my work I cleaned “The Loft” by myself for two days. See the two pictures above and the one below.  It’s a cabin on the second floor over “Yellowstone” cabin.  Tom and Pat, the owners,  use to live there when they come to the resort,  but have moved to another apartment at the resort.  It’s a beautiful two bedroom cabin with a spectacular view of the lake.  The guests are starting to go out fishing more, and from the loft you can see them skimming over the water.  What a sight!  Working by myself I cranked up the local Christian music station and cleaned away. One morning Annie and I were trained on using the reservation system and the cash register to charge guests for things they buy.  This morning Debbie and I emptied out the van of all the cleaning supplies used during these past few weeks and got it all organized and back in the van for cleaning day tomorrow.  Beth even stopped by on her day off and pitched in to help.  We also put together sets of bed sheets in twin, full, queen and king by the dozens.  We then put together storage bins with all the sheets, floor mats, and kitchen towels each of the five cabin that will be cleaned on Saturday will need.  I finished off my work day by planting some flowers in containers on the docks.

my feet on dock
This was after my short work day Wednesday enjoying the view and reading a good book!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the “big day” of the week.  Outgoing guests leave at 9 and incoming guests arrive at 4.  This week we only have 5 cabins to clean on Saturday but each week after that we will have 12.  A couple of girls from town were hired to help us with the massive undertaking.  Beth is making an egg casserole, some cappuccino muffins and strawberries for all of us for breakfast tomorrow to get us fully nourished before we start working.  I don’t know yet what my assigned portion of each cabin will be. It sounds like it’s a very organized undertaking because all 12 cabins are cleaned between 8 and 2 or 3.  Then we have a “Meet and Greet” BBQ for the incoming guests which I work from 5-7:30.  Roy has Saturday evening off so he can take his nap while I work!

I have more to share, but it’s time to go throw a line in the water and see if we can catch us some fish!  I’ll leave you today with a picture of some yummy hot chocolate with one of our giant marshmallows in it!

roys marshmallow
This is one of the giant marshmallows we roast around the campfire!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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