Our life at Northern Lights Resort

05.20.13 House is rented, our work camping family, getting settled in our homesite!

We’ve rented our house!!!!!!!!!!!  After nothing for six months we got a new agent and she had three people wanting to see it last week!  The first wanted it and will be moving in this coming Friday.  What a relief and a blessing!  Chip and Madisyn got the last of their things out of the garage last weekend and it’s ready for the new family that will move in.  I hope they will love living there like we did.  Anyone wanting an energetic, go getter for an agent should contact Jamie Johnson at Keller Williams!

The pictures below are some we took last week around the resort.  A view from the back of Moose cabin, our new fire pit, Roy spreading grass seed around our homes, the horseshoe pit, inside of the newest cabin, Teton, and the girls hard at work in the cabins.  We’ve had four days off and it’s stormed every day plus the high has been in the 40s so we haven’t done anything we planned to, however we got a good bit of rest so we’re ready to go our next four days of work.  Roy will be launching boats and working around the docks this week and I’ll be learning about working in the store so this week will be different than last week.  We won’t settle into our regular schedule until the first of June.   Ya’ll have a great week, it’s suppose to be sunny and in the 60s here the next week so I know WE will!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear

moose lake swing
View from the deck in front of Moose cabin. The huge rock goes all the way down to the lake. Imagine sitting on that swing and enjoying the view!!
two birds
I caught this bird flying in to join the other one on the rock in front of the cabin.
russ and annie
Russ and Annie Johnson, our next door neighbors!
Sweet little Maddie is Russ and Annie’s puppy whom all of us love to play with! She played around the camp ground and got her little paws and face all black, she was quite a sight!
roy planting
Roy is spreading grass seed behind and beside Dora!
fire pit digging
Roy worked very hard building a magnificent fire pit for us and in this picture he’s digging the dirt out.
fire pit potato
Goofy Roy decided to roast a potato over the fire and it actually came out pretty good! We stayed outside until 10 that night enjoying the fire.
fire pit finished
The finished fire pit!
horseshoe pit
This is the horseshoe pit next to the lodge.
teton livingroom
The living room and fire place in Teton. This cabin was built last year and is gorgeous.
teton kitchen
The kitchen in Teton with granite countertops. These pictures are taken after we finished cleaning the cabin.
moose debbie kitchen
This is Moose cabin and Debbie, our manager, deep cleaning her domain, the kitchen!
moose beth cleaning
Beth is scrubbing a wall in one of the bedrooms in Moose. There were 12 beds in this cabin in four bedrooms.
moose annie cleaning
This is Annie putting her all into arranging the beds in one of the Moose cabin bedrooms!

2 thoughts on “05.20.13 House is rented, our work camping family, getting settled in our homesite!”

  1. Rosalyn – THIS IS SO ENJOYABLE reading your blogs. I’m having a blast for you through them. I know Mom and Dad are enjoying them too – Dad told most of your business at Tommy Meszores’ memorial that we had at the Randels’ house. HA! I am so happy for you guys. You have given me quit an idea to think about when I retire – hopefully Dec 2017. It will be here before I know it, so, I’m going to keep on following your blogs and may be RVing in yours and Roy’s tracks! Keep having fun!



    1. That just tickles me that Ed shared with everyone. I love for people to know what we’re doing. If ya’ll do get to where you’re serious about doing what we are I’d be glad to answer any questions. I ready so many blogs about living in an RV before we made the leap and it helped tremendously. I’m at lunch right now and will go back to finishing up “The Loft” in a little bit. I’m so glad you’re following along!


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