12.24.19 Roy’s pain update

The epidural steroid injection Roy had on Monday, December 2nd started easing the pain just a few days after the shot!.

Roy’s is not happy about having to quit smoking but he is doing really well from what I can tell. Yay! He has counseling sessions at North Oaks and continues to take the medicine they gave him.

He has been going to Kelsey Physical Therapy two to three days a week for a few weeks now and is doing very well with that. They started off doing just a couple of things because they were reluctant to push Roy until the Vascular Surgeon gave his okay.

Roy saw the Vascular Surgeon who gave his okay for strenuous physical therapy.  While we were meeting with Dr. Eckholdt, he reviewed the MRI and the Ultrasound. He said that the results of the size of his aneurysm were different on those two tests.  He ordered a CT scan which Roy had done this morning. Waiting now to hear from the doctor with the results.  Probably won’t hear anything until after Christmas.

Since he has been feeling better he started and finished a project of putting handles on all our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. Not too strenuous but he did feel some pain when he did this.

When we built our home in Amite we chose not to have handles on our cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Over time we’ve realized that was not a good choice, AT ALL.  Using our fingers to open the doors constantly kept that area on the cabinets dirty. I was always wiping down cabinets which wasn’t fun and if I didn’t wipe them down they looked dirty.  Over time opening drawers with our fingers caused the drawers to open crooked. Kinda hard to explain that one but it did.  We wanted cabinet pulls that were as close as they could be to the handles on our furniture in the living room. We priced similar cabinet pulls at Lowes and the total was kinda expensive. Roy did some shopping on the internet (which he is extremely good at – another quality in my husband that I really appreciate!) and found some that are very similar and were only $25 for all of 22 them. Internet shopping is so worth it!  Roy installed a few each day and the finished look was well worth even the tiny cost! 

Before Roy’s pain started he was working on replacing many parts to our back door.  He had to put that on hold with all the parts sitting in a pile in the living room! Yay cool Christmas decorations!. He’s been working on that the last week and when he’s finished I’ll share all he did.

We will be spending Christmas Eve enjoying dinner and gift opening with our sons and their families at Chip and Misty’s house. After that, we will all go together to Christmas Eve Candelight Service at our church! I’m so thankful that Roy is not having the bad pain he was having and can enjoy Christmas with all our little grandchildren!




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