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09.10.18 – Morning coffee and hummingbirds

Monday, September 10, 2018 – Every morning when Roy and I get up we get our coffee and sit together on the front porch enjoying the hummingbirds. When Roy first put one hanger and a hummingbird feeder in the front garden, it took a few days but the hummingbirds started to visit. We added a second hanger and feeder and then a third and fourth as the number of hummingbirds grew and the fighting over the feeders started.

They are fascinating to watch and to listen to.  Some times they chirp and some times they hum.  I love the humming. They come now in a swarm going from one feeder to the next.  If someone is at one they try to knock that one off.  When they get into a match up they fly upward together and then off ino the air.  They fly around our house, up into the surrounding trees and then back.  They love the rose bushes between the feeders on both sides of the porch.  They hide in the bushes and watch for a feeder to be free.

They will perch themselves on top of the hanger to keep others away from that feeder. The male has prettier colors than the females, with red around their neck and green, blue and yellow on their body.

We’ve enjoyed these morning visits with these tiny birds!  When the feeders were hanging from the trees by where Dora, Roy and I use to live in the side yard we rarely had more than one or two birds visit.  Now it’s routinely around 10!  When they leave for their migration they will surely be missed.  I’ve taken over a dozen videos of the hummingbirds at play and had a rough time narrowing it down to these two.  Hope you enjoy!


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We love how pretty our red rose bushes are and they add to the beauty of our morning coffee time!

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Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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