2018, Inspiration for Christians

07.01.18 A Quiet Thought, July 1st, by Rev. Bob Adams

Different expressions of the Christian faith offer grace to needy people in different ways. Some churches seek to convey grace to others through rituals and liturgies, others through sermons and events, and most through some form of music. All these are loving efforts of faithful people trying to awaken broken lives to the presence of Jesus.
However, beyond the rituals and liturgies and apart from books and sermons, is a vast army of un-robed, un-ordained, un-elected, un-commissioned conveyers of grace. These grace-carriers appear as teachers in classrooms, truck drivers in big rigs, store clerks in logo shirts, managers in offices, grey-haired grandparents in dated clothes.
These unofficial, unnoticed agents of heaven come and go day and night in multiplied thousands of places, reaching far more broken lives than faith expressed in institutions and rituals can hope to reach.
Each quiet act of grace from these unheralded believers (like many of you) is nothing less than a blood transfusion for a fainting soul. In their words and deeds Jesus Himself is shared from one life to the other, all of it being empowered by the Spirit who is Jesus present with them.
So to all the grace-carriers, known and unknown . . . Thank you!

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