04.27.18 Two doctor visits, a new doctor and the day Rosalyn stabbed herself!

Friday, April 27, 2018 – I have no photos of any of the things I write about today.  You know that I can’t do a blog without photos so I’ve found a few that are included here and they have nothing to do with the blog!

We went to my sister’s house last week for Roy to work on their computer.  It was lovely visiting with them.  While the guys did computer stuff, Harriett and I visited out on their screened in back porch watching the blue birds and other creatures play in their back yard.

Roy and I had two followup doctors appointments last week.  One with Roy’s new retina specialist, Dr. John Curtis Creed with Ochsner in Baton Rouge.  The other with my primary care physician, Dr. Hugo Valdes at North Oaks.

On Tuesday we Roy shared with Dr. Creed that the new glasses were not making much difference in his right eye (the one that he had surgery on).  They dilated his eyes and took another set of OCTs. Dr. Creed let me look at the asteroid hyalosis that is in Roy’s eye.  It looked to me like a layer of cellophane with bubbles under it.  When Roy blinks they move all together.

We learned that even though 2 1/2 months have passed since we signed the form asking for our original doctor to send Roy’s eye records to Dr. Grenier and Dr. Creed at Ochsner, it has never been received by them.

Roy and Dr. Creed decided that removing those and having the multi focal lens replaced by a mono focal lens is what Roy really wants.  Dr. Creed, nor Dr. Grenier, do that surgery so Roy was referred to Dr. Pulin Shah with Ochsner in New Orleans.  He does difficult, risky surgeries that other doctors do not do. Roy now has an appointment for June 6th to see Dr. Shah.  We asked to be put on a waiting list for any cancellations so Roy can see him sooner.  Once Roy sees Dr. Shah we’ll decide what action to take or not take.

We finally wrote to our original family eye doctor about everything from when we first went to him about Roy’s vision until now with Roy seeing other doctors for help repairing things in his right eye that had surgery.  We sent it certified mail.

We always love shopping at Sams so there we went after the eye doctor appointment.  I think next time we want to go to Sam’s I may order on line and pick it up.  That place is so dangerous for our budget.  Everything looks so good and is so good!

Wednesday we went to Hammond for me to see Dr. Valdes about my A1C.  In case you haven’t read previous blogs, I need my A1C (blood sugar over 3 months) to go down to a 7 in order for me to have partial knee replacement surgery.  The reason is that the more normal our blood sugar is the better we will heal after surgery.  It was between 9 and 10 for a while.  Last month it was down to 8.1.  I just knew it was going to be down close to if not at 7 this time.  I thought this mostly because 4 times during the month that I took my blood sugar it was right at 90 or really close.  One time my blood sugar went down to 64 which is way to low and I could feel it.  I’ve never, that I know of, experienced low blood sugar before.  Didn’t like how it feels.

Well, when Dr. Valdes walked in with the results and said it is still 8.1, my heart just sunk.  I think I may have cheated on my sugar free diet a little more than I realized.  So from here forward I am going to listen to all the stuff we learned at the Diabetic Nutritionist at North Oaks.

We went to the play Steel Magnolia at Ponchatoula High School on Thursday night.  I wrote about how much we enjoyed it last time. After three days of going places a lot of the day, we were both so happy to get to stay home Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday of this week Roy and went into Hammond. I was going to have lunch with a very dear long time friend.  Roy was going to have some time at the remote control flying field.  On our way there I used a sharp metal finger nail file and put it away in the armrest.  I forgot about it being there and that it was sticking straight up out of the armrest.  I slammed my arm down on the armrest while talking and instantly felt an awful pain in my wrist.  I looked at my wrist and saw the pointy metal end of the nail file sticking into my arm.

I started screaming and pulled it out of my arm so fast I can hardly remember doing it.  I put my left hand on the place in my right wrist where it entered and was screaming for Roy to pull off to the side of the interstate.  He did and while still screaming my vision started going out, I started sweating profusely and I felt like I did the day I passed out when waking up and wound up in the hospital.  It was awful.  We got off of the interstate and headed towards the hospital.  About half way there I started having a lot of difficulty breathing.  I used my asthma inhaler and it helped a little.  We were going to pass in front of our doctor’s office on our way to the hospital.  We stopped there in case they could see me but all of the doctors were at lunch.  While trying to describe what happened to the receptionist, my breathing got much worse.  They said I should go straight to the hospital and not wait for a doctor there.

We went to the North Oaks Emergency Room where we were quickly seen by a nurse in triage.  They weighed me and I’m 5 pounds lighter!!  Anyway, the nurse said I probably had a panic attack.  I’ve never had one before so I had no idea what was happening to me.  We got an ER room and a doctor came in.  He looked at my tiny little wound and said someone would come in to clean it and I’d get an antibiotic prescription if it got infected. He too said it was a panic attack.  When I told him I’d never had one before and he asked if I ever had a wound before.  I said no.  Hopefully this means I won’t have other panic attacks since this was came in connection to the stab wound. We went home after the hospital.

The teeny tiny wound hurt all night but it’s gotten better throughout the day today.  The wound itself is so minor but what went on in my body after the stabbing felt so overwhelmingly awful.  I’ve known many people who have had panic attacks but I didn’t ever know what it could feel like.   I’m sorry for what all of you folks have gone through.  My experience was it felt like I was being drained of everything in my body.  It is a big bad thing.

I’m working on an updated power point presentation for Mother’s Day at church.  We have a lot of new people at our church and I am loving seeing their family photos.

Our vegetables and flower bushes are all growing well and I’ll be sharing updates next time!  Our first two cherry tomatoes and one broccoli head were ready today and I ate them in a salad.

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