2018, Treasured Photos

03.05.18 Treasured Photos – The gang at Lakeview Baptist Church

Lakeview Baptist Church was flooded in Hurricane Katrina. It is now Harbor Community Church.

Monday, March 5, 2018 – Lakeview Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana was the church I was a member of until Roy and I moved to Hammond and joined Trinity Baptist Church.  These photos are treasured ones from my youth at Lakeview.  Roy and I were also married there!  I’m certain more photos from that time are saved somewhere but these are the ones I located!

I have scars on my knees from falling down as an active little girl while running around the concrete area outside the front door at the bottom left of this photo!

To our Lakeview church family.  I identified those young folks and chaperones that I remember but there are many that I couldn’t identify.  If you know who some of the unidentified are please let me know.  I’ll number the photos and if you can identify someone please include the photo number and the name or names.  Thanks!

Our summer youth trips were always taken in Greyhound Buses that we rented.  This first photo was taken there.

1. September Davidson and Rosalyn Blum

  1. At our pastor Rev J. Richard Randels parents Glen and Nettie Randels’ home in Buffalo OK. Mark Adams, Liz Kissgen Butler, April Phillips Scarlach, Brenda and Beverly Dixon, Jimmy Randels, Darrell Smith, Charlie Cook, Willene Schwamkrug, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Wylie, Rosalyn Blum, Kim and Karen Dixon, Terry Smith, Blimp Davis (our youth minister), Karen Keys, Ruth Burr, Gary Morlier, Suzanne Ellis, Susan Randels, Elizabeth “Gi” Lehmann, September Davidson and lots of other youth I can’t recognize!3. Rosalyn Blum, Elizabeth “Gi” Lehmann, Suzanne Ellis, Kim Dixon, Brenda Dixon, Liz Kissgen Butler and April Phillips Scarlach!  Why we all got in the bathroom to take a photo, I do not know! 4. Susan Randels, Kim Dixon, Elizabeth “Gi” Lehmann, Liz Butler, April Phillips, Brenda Dixon, Heather, Karen Keys, September Davidson, Bridget Burr and Beverly Dixon.

5. Susan Randels and Elizabeth “Gi” Lehmann

6. Our church girls softball team.  We were called the Cuties! Rosalyn Blum, Kim Dixon, Susan Randels, Elizabeth “Gi” Lehmann, September Davidson, Karen Keys, Bridget Burr, Tricia Keys. https://rosalynandroy.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/rosalynlakeviewyouthgroup4.jpg

7. September Davidson hanging over the railing for some reason! 8. Roy and I while we were dating at a Valentine Banquet at church.  My best friend Brenda is sitting with us. Her boyfriend must have been taking the photo.9. The girls in our wedding party in the church’s fellowship hall.  Donna Cohn, Brenda Ellis, Colleen Coppenger, Dana Roussel and me!!

10. A photo at our wedding in the sanctuary taken from the second floor. Donna Cohn, Brenda Ellis, Colleen Coppenger, Dana Roussel, Roy and I, Mike Brauninger, Paul Chauvin, Eddie Tate and Rev. J. Richard Randels11. The happy wedded couple in the sanctuary!

For those who do not know why there are a bunch of girls dressed up, some with crowns, some with capes, some with scepters in the second photo below.  We were part of Girls Auxiliary which is a Southern Baptist organization that helps girls grow in their spiritual development as they learn the biblical basis of missions and discover their part in God’s plan. These two photos are of one of our “Coronations” one year.  Girls participated in “forward steps” and received awards at a coronation service for each level completed. Over time, the steps included: Maiden, Lady-in-Waiting, Princess, Queen, Queen in Service, Queen with a Scepter, Queen Regent and Queen Regent in Service. Girls’ Auxiliary later became Girls in Action in 1970.

12. Rosalyn Blum

13. Back Row: Denise Oubre, Dewelynne Burr, ??, Kay Schwamkrug, Marsha Mitchell, Carolyn Johnson, Jennifer Lehmann, Rosalyn Blum, Jeanne Bowers, Ruth Burr, Beverly Dixon

Front Row: Brenda Dixon, Bridget Burr, Karen Keys, Susan Randels, Janet Robertson, Lori Hogan, ??, Elizabeth “Gi” LehmannThese photos brought back great memories for me.  Hope it does for you as well.  I’d love to get more photos from Lakeview folks to add to this blog.  Please send them to me at rosalyn@selu.edu!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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