Northwest Journey

05.11.15 – Part Two – Yep Paw, It’s still Rising and here we stay!

Monday, May 11, 2015 – What a morning this has been.  Dora and the Explorers are really having an amazing adventure today!

Roy woke me up at 6:45 this morning, saying the river had risen a lot and that he was leaving to go help someone get unstuck.   I resisted waking up at that awful hour of the morning but when I raised my blinds I saw nothing but water from the elevation of the window.  I got up!

There were about a dozen fifth wheels parked here for storage. People were moving them to higher ground since that area was slowly filling with water.

When Roy returned we walked around the park and checked out the status of the waters.  Here’s what we saw.

Right behind our RV
Next to us
You could sit on the ground next to the tree on the left two days ago and be about 10 feet above the water.
This is the road attached to the concrete bridge that we went over to get to our parking space.
The really rough patch of water going across the picture is where the bridge is.
Where the fifth wheels were stored is now covered with water. All of the fifth wheels have been moved out.
Another picture of where the 5th wheels were parked. This was taken from one of the high ridges throughout the park. Now we see why the ridges are there!
Dora and Boots before we moved them.
This was the sight from out our bedroom window this morning. The sight that got me up and moving!

20150511_074329    20150511_075306Upon returning to Dora (our RV) we decided to start getting ready to leave if needed.  About two hours later the water by our RV rose to the level we knew we needed to move it.

We are now parked about 300 feet from the river with Dora aimed at the exit.  All the fifth wheels have been moved out and the park owners moved all the picnic tables higher and attached to trees.

We just came back from taking another walk around the park now that most everyone is gone.  Those ridges were the only way we could get as far as we did.  The rushing force of the water when it hits the bridge and goes around the bend is amazing. I’ll post pictures from that walk at another time.  I want to upload this in case we lose power or have to leave quickly!

We are trying our best to stay put at this higher elevation and ride this out while staying as safe as we can. We feel safe where we are for right now and are parked next to the exit ready to high tail it out of here if need be.  We hadn’t planned to do anything for today because rain was forecast.  Well the rain has stopped.  There is still electricity in this part of the park so we’re all hooked up with air conditioning running, watching TV!

We are the only ones here but we’ve been the only ones here for two days.  Their busy season doesn’t start until after we leave here.  The sun is trying to come out and it’s not forecast to rain again until Thursday.  One of the workers here earlier said that the back water coming down the river could cause it to continue rising.  We’ll keep a sharp eye out for that!

Gotta run, Young and Restless is on!! Hope everyone reading this is high and dry!  See ya’ll later!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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