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05.09.15 A stroll around Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort – some of it!

life is goodSaturday, May 9, 2015 – Took a nice stroll around the part of this resort where the RVs are parked on Friday.  Children must still be in school because there are very few motor homes and fifth wheels here.  I didn’t go down by the water but plan to soon with Roy there with me.

I love how this place is laid out. You arrive at a higher elevation and then take this concrete curvy road and bridge down to where the RVs are parked.  The bridge looks like it’s crumbling in one place, just like it did 2 years ago, but it must be okay.  With all these heavy vehicles that go over it, it’s still standing.

Where we are located is at a lower elevation (about 30 feet lower) than the entry way, but at a higher elevation than the river/creek (about 15 feet).  The scenery from each parking space is a little different.  I liked where we parked last time and I like where we’re parked this time.  They  have cabins at the higher elevation that would make this a wonderful place for any family to vacation at.

Here’s a whole bunch of pictures of the resort, maybe more than you’d want to see. Please remember that one of the reasons we write this blog is so that we can look back at where we’ve traveled and we want to see lots of photos! These are all from the mid level where we are parked.

This is the view we see from our RV!
This is the swinging bridge. It is being rebuilt and will be finished in a few days. We’ll take a good long walk over there then.
This is the concrete path that we took to get down from the higher elevation to where the RVs park.
The concrete bridge from a different angle.

We planned to go into town today, hang out in the town square and listen to some folk music pickin but the rain chance went from 0% to 100% so Roy’s off in nap land and I’m playing on the computer watching a Mot

her’s Day movie.

Ya’ll have a great weekend, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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