2014 RV Travels

03.27.14 Yard makeover!! Madisyn playtime!! and RVillage update!!


1960053_633679430014800_1036471047_nStoop, bend, pull, dig….Stoop, bend, pull, dig… Stoop bend, pull, dig

That’s been our routine the last three days.  Plants have been pruned, dug up and replanted, a lot of weeds and winter killed parts of plants cut and pulled, and baby pine trees pulled up.  We only took one set of before and after pictures of a tiny portion of one garden.


So much work going on we forgot about the picture taking!  Roy is now returning all the gardening tools we borrowed from Harriet and George so the yard work is officially done!   The finished result looks good but should look great when all the cut back plants start to bloom and the flowers are in abundance again!

We’ve been able to see some of our neighbors and catch up with them.  We’ve also enjoyed getting to know the lovely family that is renting our home.  Their children played with Madisyn a couple of times and she really enjoyed that.  Madisyn was amazed at getting to watch the chickens lay eggs and getting to collect them with the children.  2014-03-26_16-10-03_368 2014-03-26_16-10-43_99

Their dog Dixie enjoyed climbing all over me while I pulled weeds which I loved since it reminded me of how our dog Nacho use to do it when she was alive.   Nacho would have loved traveling with us and we often think of how much we would have loved having her with us on the road.

On Tuesdays the Hammond Chick-Fil-A has family night where they have a different craft for the children to make each week.  This week’s craft was a clay pot that the children colored and they filled with dirt and a plant.  Madisyn was with us Tuesday so we took her there and she made one for Chip’s girlfriend Kim’s birthday! The pink Chick-Fil-A cow was also there and took a picture with our little princess!

2014-03-25_18-24-53_365 2014-03-25_17-46-38_405 2014-03-25_17-44-05_891 2014-03-25_17-43-53_695







In just two weeks RVillage has grown to 3,605 members!  It’s definitely the place to be for RVers!


Roy recently re-created our business cards which we use to share our blog and contact information with RVers we meet.  He added our RVillage contact information to the card and a beautiful rainbow background.  Now instead of our cards being okay, they are very colorful and are printed on photo paper!  I love his graphic abilities especially when he uses it for something like this!

Dora and Explorers business card


Looking forward to a couple of restful days before we hit the road again.  Ya’ll have a blessed Thursday, and  ya’ll please come back again!



After I posted this blog just a few minutes ago I got this news release from RVillage and wanted to share.  Side note is that I created (at least the original which was a little revised by the professionals) the ad shown below.


RVillage is hiring sales associates – great for enthusiasticRVers! Earn an income, be part of something big – while traveling wherever you like in the US (with internet)! You’ll also be contributing to building our service directory of RV-friendly businesses across the country!

Interested? Click on the new ad on the right hand side of any www.RVillage.com page, and submit your application! (Not seeing the ads/service directory? Make sure you have your ad blockers turned off for RVillage.)


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