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02.12.14 What I Believe

521539_403488166393197_604151436_nSeveral months ago my niece Dana wrote a blog post about what she believed. I began thinking about what I believe. What am I willing to fight for?

Listed below are the core of those things for me.  I was surprised as I compiled this list how many thing I firmly believe. These are the big things for me.  This list is very different than the list I would have written when I was  younger.  I guess a lifetime of experiences build firm beliefs.

tiny_heartI believe that God is sovereign

tiny_heartI believe that the Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God

tiny_heartI believe that God wants all his human creatures to accept him as their Lord and Savior. I do not believe that God chose only certain people for salvation and chose to send others to Hell.

tiny_heartI believe that positive reinforcement of good behavior is more important than negative consequences for bad conduct in children.

tiny_heartI believe that a woman does not have the right to choose abortion over life.

tiny_heartI believe that ADD and ADHD are real and while some children are misdiagnosed, others are correctly diagnosed and deserve treatment and understanding.

tiny_heartI believe that inappropriate language is unacceptable in any setting.

tiny_heartI believe that baptism is a public statement of belief in Christ as their Lord and Savior made only by people of at least the age of reasoning, and that it is not something that should be performed on infants who have not made that decision for themselves.

tiny_heartI believe that broken family relationships should be repaired.

tiny_heartI believe in the healing power of forgiveness and second chances.

tiny_heartI believe that God made my husband just for me, not so much for my younger years but for now so that I’d have someone to love me now that I’m old, fat and crazy!

tiny_heartI believe in the Trinity being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

tiny_heartI believe very simply in the Bible and believe that deep theological thinking can cause unnecessary problems.

tiny_heartI believe in miracles and the power of prayer.

tiny_heartI believe that the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Braves are the best professional sports teams.

tiny_heartI believe that the men and women of our American military are all HEROs.

tiny_heartI believe that a fetus is a human from the moment of conception and that when a fetus is aborted it is murder.

tiny_heartI believe that a child’s love heals many wounds.

tiny_heartI believe that God alone gives true joy and true peace.

tiny_heartI believe that God intended for marriage to be only between a man and a woman.

tiny_heartI believe that the beauty of God’s world is coming alive  before us as we travel throughout this amazing country of ours!

Now that you know what I believe in, maybe you’ll take some time and ponder what is it that you deeply believe in, that you’d be willing to fight for? What are the big beliefs in your life?

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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