05.31.21 “Memorial Day: Remember the Fallen,” by Dan Doyle

This Memorial Day, tell your children and your grandchildren about the men and women you may have known that gave their lives for the privilege of this country’s freedom. While COVID still may prevent major gatherings at Memorial Day events, you might be able to visit a local cemetery or National Cemetery to spend some… Continue reading 05.31.21 “Memorial Day: Remember the Fallen,” by Dan Doyle

2016, Northeast Journey

05.30.16 Memorial Day 2016

My friend M'Lou Thompson wrote the following on Facebook this morning and graciously said I could share it with you. Recently, we were on a military base for a reunion of Vietnam pilots. At the formal dinner, a lone table was set, apart from all the other tables. Next to the table were caps from… Continue reading 05.30.16 Memorial Day 2016

2014 RV Travels

05.23.14 Saying Goodbye to Texas!!!!!

Yesterday was our last full day in Texas.  We've been here almost two months. San Diego, TX was terribly hot, hurricane type windy, desert land with lots of flying dirt, and wide open spaces with people being few and far between. Victoria, TX was only what we saw in the RV park which was very… Continue reading 05.23.14 Saying Goodbye to Texas!!!!!