2019, 2020, Home in Amite

01.26.20 Roy’s back door project

Roy started this "back door project" sometime in October of last year because the bottom of both sides of our back door had rotted and the baseboard next to it was rotted as well. There is no covering over the back door so rain hits the door and was somehow getting in. This blog post… Continue reading 01.26.20 Roy’s back door project

2020, Bo and Peep, Home in Amite

01.21.20 Peep is expecting!

Our sweet girl duck, Peep, started laying baby duck eggs, one a day for the last four days!  Yay baby ducks!! Here is egg number 1! I guess she's actually not expecting like we think of it but she'll have babies sometime in February! I contacted the wonderful couple that gave us Bo and Peep… Continue reading 01.21.20 Peep is expecting!



Last night OUR Louisiana State University TIGERS won the National College Football Championship! The final score was 42 to 25. The team they beat was the Clemson Tigers. Clemson's record this year was 14-0 and LSU's record this year was 14-0. They both deserved to be in this game. LSU won last night and their… Continue reading 01.14.20 LSU NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2019 – GEAUX TIGERS!