05.12. 23 LSU Women’s Basketball Champions!!!! A lesson to be learned!!

A year ago I wouldn’t have ever watched nor had any interest in basketball at any level. Then I met Kendal and he loves all LSU sports which included this past season of LSU Women’s Basketball.
We watched most if not all of their games and as time went on I learned a lot about several of the players and the game of basketball. Oh how much fun it became to watch these talented ladies shoot three-pointers, almost do acrobatics to shoot the basketball in the net, and come out with long fake eyelashes which caused me to shake my head every time I’d see it!
Angel Reese and Alexis Morris were the top-scoring players and got the most attention. I have to admit that while the game of basketball was interesting the parts that really got my attention were the amazing playing of those two ladies, those long eyelashes on the Bayou Barbie (Angel Reese) and waiting to see which flamboyant outfit their amazing Coach Kim Mulkey wore that night!
These ladies were phenomenal all season.

When reading the following on someone’s Facebook page I thought I should share it because it points out a valuable lesson that young or old athletes should know.

And that lesson is Jasmine Carson.
She is a MAJOR reason LSU beat Iowa.
The upperclassman transfer scored 22 points and hit 5-three-pointers in the first half.
Why does this matter?

Because she came off the bench.

The starters were in trouble so she was subbed in.

Listen kids, being a starter is fun. It feels empowering too.
But your role on the bench matters.
When you put on any uniform, you’re just as valuable as the “star player.”
Keep grinding…and your time to show everyone what you got will come.
I believe it’s always about the right timing for our MOMENT to leave a lasting impact.
Jasmine Carson demonstrated that last night and it was spectacular.

I wrote this a couple of days after the championship game was played. I just didn’t publish it then but it still has the same lesson now.

I hope y’all have a great weekend!


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