03.12.23 McDaniel Wedding with Photos

On March 12, 2023, I married Kendal McDaniel and became Mrs. Rosalyn B. McDaniel. This took place at our church, Trinity Baptist, and was officiated by Bro. Avery Dixon, our Pastor.

Here are the photos I promised in the original post last week! Viewing each of the groups of pictures starts by clicking on the first photo and then clicking to the right

We took family photos both with everyone, and with Kendal, myself, and our children.

Photos of the actual wedding. It was very special to have my son Chad walk me down the aisle and give me away to Kendal!

My son Chad said the closing prayer and I truly thank him for doing that. Several post-ceremony photos were taken including the signing of our marriage license. Our oldest sons, Keith and Chad signed it as our witnesses.

After the wedding, our family ate at Murphy’s Seafood Restaurant in Hammond. The sweetest thing was when Kendal’s great granddaughter and my two youngest grandchildren got to meet as cousins and enjoyed being together!

That’s it for photos from our outstanding wedding!

Chip took short videos during the wedding that I will post when I can remember how to do that!!! It was wonderful of him to think to do that.

Kendal’s daughter and her husband gave us this door mat which I think is a perfect way to wrap up this post about our new life together!!

1 thought on “03.12.23 McDaniel Wedding with Photos”

  1. To the McDanielsl -Congratulations on your 2 week 3 day anniversary. The pictures are great! May God bless your life together. Love ya, Harriett


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