4.1.23 This is your reminder to…..

This is your reminder to record your mama.

Record her around the kitchen, ask her why she used chicken broth instead of water, or why she does or doesn’t use Velveeta, and record that.

Record her fussing about the same old stuff like she always does, prank her and record that.

Record her funny sayings and her bits of advice.

Ask her to tell you about the day you were born and record her face as she lights up remembering. Record her telling you to put some socks on that baby.

Ask her questions, both serious and silly ones, and record her answers.

Play her favorite song and when she starts dancing/singing, yep, you guessed it… record it.

Make her laugh… I mean REALLY laugh and for the love of God, record that too.

And take lots of pictures of and WITH her, even when she tells you she’s not dressed for pictures. Take them anyway. Record it anyway.

And when you get the chance, tell her you know she did her best with what she had and her best was always enough. And if you want, record that too.

I hope this hits you in just the right spot and you take heed because the day will come when there is a longing so deep to just hear her voice, her laugh, see her as she was… and when that day comes, you’ll pull out your recordings & feel just a little bit of her again!

Because Moms don’t last forever, those precious memories will stay with you long after she’s gone.

Author unknown

Oh, how I wish I had done some of that. If your mom is still with you I hope you will do it!

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